Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anderson: 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

From the 'Anderson' website ~

Anderson spends the hour exploring the world of child beauty pageants to examine the real impact of pageants on children. Anderson speaks with some of the biggest pageant stars of today, including Eden Wood from “Toddlers & Tiaras,” as well as two pageant stars from the ‘90s to see how their lives turned out. Anderson is also joined by the mothers of today’s pageant stars, including Mickie Wood, Eden Wood’s mother, who defends the longtime tradition of beauty pageants.

According to the 'Anderson' website, Anderson's mom was in the audience and had this to share ~

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY: Sorry for the generic post. We’ve tried to be supportive of Anderson’s foray into the talk show field but frankly on days like today we just can’t be; the news of the death of Moammar Gadhafi has our attention and the attention of the world. The fact that child beauty pageants exist and that TLC airs a program about them sickens us and no matter what the spin on 'Anderson', it doesn't mean we need to spend our time covering today's talk show.

Hala Gorani and other CNN anchors are doing a great job, but Anderson should be in the CNN studio covering the major breaking news today. He has followed the Libya story from the beginning, conducted many interviews with Libyan's to get their story out and stated that his college thesis was on Libya/Gadhafi; so his interest is genuine. Anderson was in the NYC newsroom the day Hosni Mubarak fell in Egypt with excellent coverage of the breaking news and today he's in the talk show studio taping a Halloween show... for us this is just wrong on so many levels. ~ The ATA Team

For more clips and information on today's program, please visit by clicking on the hot link below.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the talk show topics; I'm not a fan of them either. However, I'm surprised that you're having such a problem covering AC's other ventures when the name of your website is "All Things Anderson Cooper", not "All Things AC360". I realize that you didn't see the talk show gig coming back in the day (no one did), but I think you should lighten up a little. Seems to me that you're not a fan of the person Anderson Cooper but only the journalist Anderson Cooper. Kind of sad, I think, given the fact that you're doing such a great job covering his antics in general.

Maybe you could try and find a fan of Anderson's who likes the talk show topics as well who could then cover these unpopular activities on your site.

To complain constantly that Anderson is not on the air 24/7 is pretty unrealistic, no? AC's show is on in the evening, and CNN has other anchors who work during the day whose job it is to cover breaking news. That's just the way it is. And after running from one disaster/war to the next for 20 years, I don't think anyone should criticize Anderson for finally wanting to do something different. The man is only human, you know?!


Anonymous said...

When the news of Moamar's possible capture hit the airwaves this morning my television was immediately turned to CNN and has been there ever since. I agree that today is not a day for me to be watching a show about child beauty pageants. My cousin worked on a couple episodes of T&T and he was glad when he went on to a new project. If you want a great laugh on the subject of child BP check out the Tom Hans video on You Tube about the subject it is a riot.

Anyway you are correct AC should be involved in the reporting today, but maybe he is on his way to Libya , one never knows with him.

Well, it's back to CNN of me.


Anonymous said...

Why all the hatred for ATA, they don't have to write the blog. If you think you can do better Moni why not write your own. It's not as easy as it may seem, I know I've done it and had to quit.

Funny as long as ATA goes along with anyone's wishes they are the angels,but as soon as they voice their own opinions they are the devil. Again I say if you think you can do better try it.


Anonymous said...

@Moni - why don't you volunteer to be the "Anderson" correspondent for this website? I won't because I can't, I don't have the technological capability to load photos and videos from the show. The ATA team does a great job with the people and resources it has.

Maybe if Anderson wasn't busy with the talk show, he'd be able to at least phone in to CNN and give some insight and perspective gained from his many reports on the Libyan revolution.

I don't think anyone is expecting Anderson to do everything. But those of us who love Anderson as the serious journalist would cringe if the talk show kept him from reporting important news.

One example of this - a few years ago a townhouse exploded in NYC's Upper East Side. Anderson was on the scene right away that morning and told us the news that the doctor who owned it blew it up so his ex-wife wouldn't get it in the divorce.

Whether it's news in Manhattan or the other side of the world, the talk show limits Anderson's ability to be there.

Maybe that's the way he wants it but many of us would miss "field reporter" Anderson.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Anderson's new talk show or the fact that he's doing a show on Toddlers & Tiaras today. This is a day time talk show and these topics they are choosing are what sells to day time viewers. If anyone doesn't like it they can always choose not to watch. And as another comment suggested, if you don't like the talk show then hire someone to blog that does or just don't cover it at all. People can always go to the "Anderson" web site for videos and to talk about the shows.

Anderson probably wouldn't be on TV today anyway, regardless if he was doing a taping for "Anderson" or not. He very, very rarely comes in on his days off or during the day. Mainly that is Wolf's job if a huge breaking story happens. Anderson has cut WAY back on doing any extra work for CNN. There have been plenty of times he should have came in and covered breaking news yet didn't and it wasn't because of his new talk show. A lot of times the events happened on the weekend and he would be seen walking or biking around NYC at the time Wolf was covering the news on TV. People just have to accept that the man does not want to cover ever little thing that happens now. He seems to be tired of that, unfortunately.

Wolf and the rest of the team did a great job of covering Gadhafi's death, if you ask me. What more could Anderson have brought to the broadcast that they couldn't? His looks? Is that what it boils down to?

Anderson never even made it to Libya to cover any of this fighting, even though he kept saying he wanted to go. Why didn't he then? If the French president and British Prime Minister could make it over there and be safe, he sure could too. He didn't want to go or he would have. Sometimes your actions speak WAY louder than your words. If you ask my opinion, I say he is over traveling and coming in to cover breaking stories when it's his time off. And he won't be doing too much of it any more. That is his choice and has nothing to do with his talk show. He hasn't traveled hardly any at all for what, 2 yrs or more? His talk show is not the cause of that for sure.

Anyway, I am betting AC is live at both the 8 and 10 hrs tonight and most of 360, if not all of it, will be on Gadhafi, his reign and death.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that these episodes are taped in advance and that Anderson Cooper could very well be in the CNN studio covering breaking news right now.

Anonymous said...

I watched the episode today(Because I do watch T&T on occasion). I've only seen a few full episodes of Anderson, but this one looked as if it had been taken straight from the pages of Maury. If it wasn't cringe worthy moments it was second hand embarrassment.

75% of the show was pretty much the mother of one of the girls(Eden), yelling at people, and flailing dramatically. While the other mothers were like her "crew"(Like those people in rap videos who stand their and every once in a while throw in a word or two). Nodding their heads vigorously in agreement with her.

The most interesting part of the episode was watching everyone elses reaction to the mothers. And the former pageant girl who seemed to have a head on he shoulders. I felt bad for her. It was if she was thrown into a lions den of broken dreams. Mothers criticizing her mother, even though they were exactly like her.

Overall it was an hour of stage mothers trying to defend their crazy. And clinging to those 15 minutes.

Also those girls "performing". Wow. Now I don't do drugs but that was surreal. I imagine I got the same feeling you get when you have bad trip.


judy said...

@ The ATA Team: You are absolutely correct, and anybody who doesn't understand that should think again.
Anderson Cooper is where he is today because of HIS IN THE FIELD REPORTING.
Not because we admired his lighter side.
His lighter side NEVER captured the attention of the nation but his serious side promoted him and for him to waste his time with this silly nonsense is a crime.
While some may say but this is what he wants to do, so be it.
I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I wasn't good at math.
Cooper is a great field reporter, but a very mediocre talk show host, of which there are a dime a dozen, and no one would watch him IF THEY HADN'T ADMIRED HIS REPORTING.
And while I didn't see todays show, I see Gloria is again in the audience...ratings gold!
And yes Moni, volunteer YOUR services for this website and take over the lighter side of Anderson if you're so enraptured with him as a talk show host.
MOST of us here are not, and his ratings prove it.

Anonymous said...

I've watched a show called Little Miss Perfect and the one thing I found was that every mother used the term we when talking about taking their daughters to pageants and if the little girl became tired, as kids usually do, the mother would lay a guilt trip on her. And believe it or not there are pageants for little boys too, that would have been really interesting to hear about.


Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 5:11, But he wasn't in the studio, was he? If you would have read the blog teams comment you would realize he was taping the Halloween episode of his talk show today instead of covering news. Again a total fail IMO.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. I found it to be really interesting. The pageant mom's are nuts. The one girl Isabella looked like a saloon girl. Why can't the girls look like little girls and act like little girls but still compete? It was a good show and I liked the discussions.

Anonymous said...


You are entitled to your opinion, the same as we ATA bloggers are entitled to ours. I do take exception to your saying "I'm surprised that you're having such a problem covering AC's other ventures when the name of your website is All Things Anderson Cooper" -- we have covered all of Anderson's venture's, even the talk show, since it's first day; and even today there was a post, just more generic given the news of the day and time constraints of the bloggers. To say we are not fan's of the Anderson Cooper the person is flat out wrong. If we weren't fans, we wouldn't be blogging his every venture on a daily basis. No one is paid for their blogging, nor does the blog generate income, so it's a labor of love....

I'm not a fan of daytime, but I've watched every episode (just finished today's) and have spent my own precious time preparing a daily post. Perhaps you'd like to volunteer your time?

I take great exception with "To complain constantly that Anderson is not on the air 24/7 is pretty unrealistic, no?" Never had I said that Anderson should be on the air 24/7, nor do I complain constantly. If I'm wrong about this, please state concrete examples instead of a generalized statement with no facts to back it up.

We were merely comparing Anderson coming into the newsroom to cover the breaking news of Hosni Mubarak's fall, when he didn't have talk show tapings to do (he had two today according to the talk show twitter feed.) The talk show seemed to prevent him from coming in to cover the big breaking news of a story he's been passionate about from the beginning. Had he not spent night after night on 360 covering the uprising in Libya, then I wouldn't have expected him to come in today, but he did and he seemed so passionate about the story; thus my expectation.

What was your favorite part of the talk show today? Is there certain clip you were looking for? I have the show recorded and will be happy to post what you want in our Saturday Odd's and End's post.

Also, if you feel there are other aspect's of Anderson's professional career/public life we aren't covering, please feel free to e-mail us with any photos, articles, etc. you find. We will be happy to include them. We try our best to cover Anderson's professional/public life, but we are human and do miss things on occasion.

@Anon 5:02 - in the last two years Anderson's been to Haiti three times, NOLA, Egypt, Japan and Joplin, Kenya & Somalia that I recall. He was headed to Libya when the tsunami hit Japan and got re-directed, then NATO authorized action while he was in Japan and it became less safe. Anchors from other networks didn't go either, so I'm thinking it was a CNN decision; not Anderson's, but maybe I'm wrong.

To all those that appreciate what we do and understand the need to vent on occasion, thank you for your support.


Dorothy said...

I personally like the talk show better than I like the news hour, so I'm really out-of-sync. Maybe the talk show subjects to some may be more interesting than Gadhafi or what is happening that day. How does one person determine what is important or not important to another.

The people running this site do a great job have the option to determine what they want to cover and what they do not want to cover - it is their site and therefore, their choice, however, if that is to be respected, then turn around is fair play and they really can't determine what he "should" be doing. Only Anderson can determine what Anderson "should" be doing. Evidently he has decided he "should" or wants to do a few things at one time and think out of the box. I'm sure that everyone involved, himself included, were very aware of what all the repercussions would be and still moved forward. I for one admire him so much for that because I would rather try something uncertain and fail rather than constantly stay in that safe box and succeed and miss alot of different opportunities. It isn't the first nor last time he will venture away from the news.

Phebe said...

This blog was originally formed 6 years ago to follow and discuss the news. You can see on our banner that we are dedicated to AC360, as well as its host Anderson Cooper.

At the time I began ATA AC was doing almost nothing but news. There was the occasional Regis and Kelly or late night talk show but for the most part he was doing news and being a newsie that suited me just fine. Additional bloggers joined ATA along the way and they were all newsies too, some even more than I was. Discussing and blogging the news and current events was our common bond.

We haven’t changed but Anderson has. I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s just that his branching out to the talk show arena isn’t something that any of us have great interest in watching, let alone blogging. We understand that many of our readers are interested so Wonz has done yeoman's duty in covering the talk shows. But to hear people bitch that we aren’t entitled to our opinion of those shows is a bit discouraging.

I would ask any of you who are fans of the talk show to consider offering to do some of the write ups for the blog. You don’t need to be able to cap or clip, we have people who can do that for you, we just need you to be able to cover the topic and guests that were on the talk show. Jaanza, Dorothy, ACAnderFan and anyone else who loves ANDERSON consider yourself officially invited to join the ATA team.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anderson is tired of covering such topics and needs a break once in a while.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree that Anderson is the one that gets to determine what he should do/does. A blogger's commentary is a blogger's opinion and it is my opinion that he should have been in the newsroom covering the breaking news today. Obviously he wasn't and it was his choice not to be; but that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed that he wasn't.

I'm happy for you that Anderson has the talk show since you seem to enjoy daytime TV. I prefer him covering the news -- I've admired his field reporting and breaking news coverage for years.

I'm trying to be supportive of his talk show (which is major for me because I'm not a fan of daytime talkers) - I watch (because I like Anderson) and blog it daily. It's just days like today give me whiplash and I have trouble reconciling the two. It's not like there wasn't a talk show post today -- just more generic than normal. We ATA Team bloggers are only human and we all have time constraints/family commitments.

If there was a clip from today's show you would like to see posted, please let me know and I will try to include it in our Saturday Odds & Ends post.


Anonymous said...

I can always tell which posts are done by which bloggers :)

I sincerely appreciate the blogger(s) who do cover more of Anderson's talk shows, especially with screen caps and video clips, as I am unable to watch the show on air. It might not be "news," but it is still "all things anderson cooper."

I appreciate your opinion on what you feel Anderson should be doing, but he's still doing things, and all of the fans of this blog would still like to know what those things are.

Keep up the hard work as it is extremely appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I thought of one last thing to say:

While I don't agree with the commentary the blogger included with the post, I must say that it sparked one very interesting discussion to read in the comments section.

There's nothing more fulfilling than reading a post that really interested me, but then only finding one or two comments on it. So needless to say I was super excited to find 15 comments today!

I'd say keep up the commentary, if only to upset us and to keep us talking! I love the blog, but love the community of it more!


judy said...

@Wonz and Phebe:
I don't see why you feel compelled to cover his talk show if your original intent was to cover 360.
I consider myself a newsie who admired the Anderson of yore it would seem, but if some folks want to blog or post comments about topics like Halloween, then they should share in the work load or stop complaining when newsies, such of myself, expect more from him.
And Anderson shouldn't expect his news junkie fans to change, just because he has. That, is unrealistic and very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I prefer Anderson's journalism for CNN over anything he has done on his talk show. However, if you're sugesting that he shouldn't take 2 - 3 hours out of his day to film an fluff episode, than that's really unfair. You're right when you say that he has genuine interest in what happens in Africa, and he did cover it last night on 360. But that doesn't mean that it should take over his life. He's clearly searching for something that makes him happy, something to balance out the never-ending coverage of human suffering that he's used to covering. And if you don't want to cover Toddlers and Tiaras, by all means, please don't. Nobody who comes to this website will mind. We truly appreciate the things you do cover; the hard news. But, one last thing, the 'Toddlers' episode was filmed at the beginning of August as a filler episode.