Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anderson: Who Did I Marry?

Anderson opened the show introducing today's topic - husbands who are living a lie. After a video introduction Lynn France joins Anderson on stage to talk about her story. She claims she married a bigamist and says she discovered her husband had another wife on Facebook ~

After the break Andrew Zashin, Lynn's attorney, was in the audience and joined in the discussion. Lynn's "husband" still has their two young children in Florida with his new wife. The issue at hand with the custody case is was Lynn's marriage legal since it took place in Italy. In another video introduction we met Joy Desomber who then joined Anderson on stage to share her story. She had no idea her husband was capable of murder. Her husband is now in prison for the murder of two of his friends. There were audience questions and Anderson spoke with Dr. Michelle Callahan, Developmental Psychologist, who was in the audience. Dr. Callahan gave questions everyone at home should ask themselves about the person they are in a relationship with ~

Anderson's last guest was Amy Reinhold, whose pediatrician husband was arrested for child pornography and is currently serving a prison sentence. There were more questions from the audience before Anderson closed the program by thanking his guests.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I thought the talk show was supposed to reflect Aderson's interests. I just don't see women who married mean who weren't who they portrayed themselves to be, being of interest to Anderson. I found this episode to be incredibly boring and gave up after 10 minutes. They need to find topics that are actually relevant to people.

Dorothy said...

@ACAnderFan - think this subject might be more relevant to people than we would like to believe. I found it crazy to find out there are websites that supply alibis for people to use. You would think that people who go through all the trouble and planning for a second or third life could at least be creative enough to figure out their own alibis. It's getting to be that not much surprises me anymore and that can't be a good thing! I think the things that people think are crazy "Jerry Springer" type subjects do happen everyday, but I think AC presents them in a very real and believable way. It may not be major political, war or starving children stories, but I would bet that these subjects hit home to many more people than we would like to believe and are as devastating to those going through them.