Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bits & Pieces for Saturday October 29th, 2011

Next week's show topics ~

Monday, Oct. 31
Is Anderson’s House Haunted?

It’s Anderson’s Halloween spectacular! Anderson dressed in costume, receives a surprise visit from one of his daytime idols. Plus, Anderson invites psychic medium Lisa Williams to his house to find out if it really is haunted.

Tuesday, Nov. 1
Chaz Bono, TODDLERS & TIARAS Update and Anderson Teaches Kindergarten

Anderson sits down with latest DANCING WITH THE STARS cast-off Chaz Bono and surprises him with a call from his mother, Cher. Plus, a TODDLERS & TIARAS update and Anderson’s new “Try This” segment, where he tries substitute teaching a kindergarten class.

Wednesday, Nov. 2
Stephanie Madoff Mack Speaks Out, Top Chef Challenge

Anderson speaks with Stephanie Madoff Mack, widow of Bernie Madoff’s son Mark, who shares her reaction to mother-in-law, Ruth Madoff’s, interview with 60 MINUTES. Plus, Padma Lakshmi stops by to judge the “Anderson Top Chef Challenge.”

Thursday, Nov. 3
Suburban Polygamy, Viewers’ Trash or Treasure and 90-Year-Old Sorority Pledge

Anderson talks to an extraordinary family in which the woman has two boyfriends. Plus, “BURIED TREASURE” stars; the Keno Brothers help viewers determine if their possessions are trash or treasure. Meet the 90-year-old sorority pledge.

Friday, Nov. 4
The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy

Anderson is joined by TV personality Jacque Reid to explore why people don't date outside their race. Plus, expert matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson joins Anderson to provide tips to find your perfect mate.

'Anderson' in the news ~

Anderson Bombs On 7 At 4 - 10/25 - Anderson Cooper, whose "Anderson" talk show replaced "Oprah" at 4 PM, has been a disaster for Channel 7/WJLA. The Allbritton-owned ABC affiliate's rating at that hour are down 68%, compared to the same period last year, according to the October ratings. So, WJLA might replace Cooper with Katie Couric's new show, "Katie," when it launches next fall, reports Lisa de Moraes at NBC-owned Channel 4/WRC is enjoying a 160% ratings hike among women age 25-54 at 4 PM with news programming. WRC now leads the DC TV ratings race at 4 among all viewers as well, and the increase has solidified the station's number one news status at 5 PM and at 6 PM.....

Lord Plays Down Rumor That 7 May Start 4 PM News By January - 10/25
Updated. DCRTV hears that Channel 7/WJLA may expand local news into the 4 PM hour as soon as January to battle the severe ratings loss it's suffering from Anderson Cooper's new "Anderson" talk show. There are reports that 7's 4 PM ratings are down 68% from a year ago, when it carried "Oprah" in the slot. Also, we hear that WJLA will probably put Katie Couric's new "Katie" show in the 3 PM slot when it debuts next fall, replacing "General Hospital," which is scheduled to be discontinued. However, Bill Lord, WJLA's station manager, tells DCRTV: "Today's speculation on Anderson Cooper is off the mark. Anderson is the number one new syndicated talk show of the season. It has a great team of people and it's improving every day. WJLA is committed to the program now and into the future. Hey, nobody ever suggested replacing Oprah was going to be easy!" And he adds: "No consideration of a 4 PM newscast right now. We considered that last spring and opted for Anderson." DCRTV wonders: We'll see if Lord changes his mind after a few more months of severely sluggish ratings for "Anderson." Stay tuned.....

From Broadcasting & Cable
Among the newcomers, Warner Bros.' Anderson was preempted 14 times for baseball in the major metered markets, but still jumped 8% in households to a 1.3, and 14% among women 25-54 to a 0.8. ('Anderson' basically gained back what they lost the week before. Click on link to see how his competition fared for week ending October 16th.)

Anderson Cooper gets cuddly on daytime TV

Anderson (CBS, 3 p.m., CTV, 5 p.m.) is, of course, the new daytime talker helmed by CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper. In literally every single interview he's done to promote the show, Cooper has stressed that he's decidedly not trying to be the next Oprah. White-haired man speak with forked tongue.
There's a very strong Oprah vibe on Anderson, which veers wildly between lifestyle choices and breezy celebrity worship. At best, Cooper's choice of show topics is erratic.
Some days it's dead serious stuff. His exclusive interview with the still-grieving parents of pop star Amy Winehouse was sensitive and provided heretofore personal insight into the life of the recently deceased musician.
To delve into the subject of suicide, Cooper interviewed his own mother, socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, and shed real tears when discussing his brother's 1988 suicide.
And then, star time! To date, Cooper has gone for a spray-on tan with Snooki of Jersey Shore and enjoyed a breezy girl-talk session with Sarah Jessica Parker. Comedian Kathy Griffin, with whom Cooper hosts CNN's annual New Year's coverage, spent a weekend at his summer house in the Hamptons with cameras rolling.
The only flaw to the Anderson format is that it unavoidably devalues the newsman gravitas of Cooper, who unexplainably continues to appear on CNN nightly. A fortnight back, it was unsettling to watch him hand out free puppies to members of his studio audience in the late afternoon, and then watch him report on events in Libya a few hours later.

Anderson Cooper on Dot Ave.

Mark Wahlberg and family, left to right, Donnie, Jimmy, Paul, and Alma, dine with Anderson Cooper to discuss the importance of giving back. (Derek Wilmot Photo)

In jeans, T-shirt, and a hoodie, Anderson Cooper looked right at home at the Dorchester Boys & Girls Club today. The silver-haired CNN host was there to tape an episode of his new daytime show, “Anderson,” focused on Mark Wahlberg. (The episode airs Friday.) But truth be told, it was the movie star’s mom who interested Cooper the most. “She had nine kids, got divorced, and then raised the kids by herself,” he said. “She’s a great lady. She was the one I really wanted to meet.” (Cooper knows something about great ladies: His mom is designer/heiress Gloria Vanderbilt.) He got his wish chance during a sitdown dinner with Mark, Donnie, Jimmy, Paul, and mom Alma at Wahlburger’s last night. (The burger joint in Hingham has its opening party tonight.) Asked about the new daytime show, Cooper said it’ll have more in common with Phil Donahue, Oprah, or Ellen than with the TV scrums hosted by Morton Downey Jr. or Sally Jesse Raphael. “It’s important to me to do things that are credible, have a point, and which benefit people,” he said. “This is not lowest-common-denominator stuff.”

Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester (Boston) posted the following photo to their Facebook page~
Anderson Cooper stopped by the Club today (Monday) to talk with some members... and shoot hoops!

From the New York Times ~
O and RL: Monograms Meet

Now, this is no knock on Ms. Winfrey, but the audience, in addition to celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Michael J. Fox and Harold Ford Jr., included a surprising number of professional interviewers who might have had their own questions for Mr. Lauren. The postshow dinner crowd was oddly dominated by media heavyweights, like Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw. (Please click on the link for the full article and here for the Lincoln Center's press release for the event.)

From CBS Philly ~
Anderson Cooper’s Promotional Road Tour Visits Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Anderson Cooper was in town today promoting his new daytime TV show, “Anderson.”

Cooper, the award-winning journalist, is on CNN and does pieces for “60 Minutes” on CBS. And for the past two months, he has been working on his daytime show, “Anderson,” taped in New York City. Cooper, 44, says he wanted to do a show that was not only informative but also entertaining, covering a wide variety of topics from big celebrity interviews to provocative social issues to fun standups — like getting a spray tan with Snooki, one of the stars of the “Jersey Shore” reality series. “I was in a position of helping people who were in very serious situations, and I realized that in news you can only do that now and then,” Cooper said today. “But in daytime TV you can actually do that regularly — you can actually help people in their lives and you can make people’s days more interesting and more fun, and give them information that they can use in their lives.”

John McDevitt’s interview with Anderson Cooper in this CBS Philly “Specials Place” podcast…

The Preston & Steve Show tweeted this photo of Anderson in their studio Friday morning ~

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Anonymous said...

So. More psychics eh?

Also just looking at the descriptions for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's shows are making me dizzy. There's so much going on. It feels so random. I'll probably just try and watch Fridays show.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else noticed that 360 producer Charly Moore was on the set of Anderson the other day? And now they've started this annoying woosh sound when popping up a graphic like they did on 360 for the longest time? I think Anderson has the same people working on his daytime show that work on 360. I think that's also why they both have some of the same topics.

Honestly, I'm not like other people, but is there really anybody out there who is part of the mainstream who feels that "Anderson" helps them in their daily lives? All I see are weird, extreme people who belong to minorities (gangbangers, dwarfs, food hoarders, Costco customers, and now transvestites?!). I don't know why I would wanna watch any of this and even less how this is supposed to help me.

I've stopped watching 360 because Anderson and his multi-millionaire guests do not live in my world, and I couldn't care less what any of them do. And now his daytime show, which was supposed to be different, is exactly the same, minus the wars and politicians (so far). He still has multi-millionaire guests on, and the ones who aren't make up for it with the extreme-weird-factor. Anybody else feel that they're not the target audience? Why would I want to waste my time watching these endless train wrecks on TV? I did years ago, but now I'm sick and tired of it!


steefvaniersel said...

The ratings don't surprise me, I don't think anyone expected 'Anderson' to match Oprah's ratings after only two months; Daytime shows tend to start out slow. I think he's doing pretty good at the smaller stations. I guess we have to wait and see...

Anonymous said...

@ Moni. I feel the need to correct you. Chaz is not a transvestite. That would imply he's a woman dressing up like a man. Chaz is transgender. He was born female but now identifies as male.

Also I've seen this a couple times but the words "weird" and "freakish" being used about the guest. And I find sometimes it just comes across as plain rude and disrespectful.


Anonymous said...

"The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy"

What race Anderson honey? The human race?

I seriously hope this show is positive and not another, "I only date this race because of the hate I have for this race of male/female".

As a black women who dated and eventually married out of her "race", I'm tired of seeing the reasons made for not doing it. I would rather hear from people who have fallen in love with someone and who lives a happy life despite the negative views from others.

This so called "controversy" is not so controversial worldwide.

"The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy *in America"


Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized the name Lisa Williams, she had a show on Lifetime about talking to the dead. Great another person who claims they can talk to the dead, whose idea was that? Anderson I think you need a new booker. If he really wanted to find out if his place was haunted there are a lot of real paranormal investigators out there that they could have contacted - can you say lazy and unimaginative.

The rest of the week just isn't doing it for me, sorry AC I'll spend my time as one of the 99% and try to eek out a living just to stay afloat.

Anonymous said...

@Moni: I hear you and agree and feel that Anderson's journalistic credibility is at stake here.
He seems to be aimless and that's not the Anderson we have all come to know and respect.
I'm also not surprised at the low ratings in DC.
He needs DC and other large markets, not the smaller ones to suceed and so far he hasn't suceeded with them.
Personally, I've watched just two of his shows.
I may tune in for the Madoff one, because that's a little more elevated than the rest of his offerings like "dwarfs!" What?