Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday's Odds & Ends

Coming up this week on Anderson ~

Monday, Oct. 17
Can Psychic John Edward Reach Deceased Members of Anderson & Gloria’s Family?

Anderson spends the hour with world renowned psychic medium John Edward, who uses images and clues he receives from the other side to connect people with deceased friends and relatives.

Tuesday, Oct. 18
Are Parents Playing Favorites?

Anderson spends the hour discussing the new findings revealed in a recent Time magazine article, which suggests that parents have a favourite child. Plus, parents take a short quiz to help determine whether or not they play favourites with their own children.

Wednesday, Oct. 19
Anderson Investigation…Germs

Are we a germ-obsessed society? Anderson is joined by CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to discuss the real dangers of germs and to inform viewers when to worry.

Thursday, Oct. 20
Toddlers & Tiaras

Anderson spends the hour exploring the world of child beauty pageants to examine the real impact of the pageants on the children. Anderson speaks with some of the biggest pageant stars of today, including Eden Wood from TODDLERS AND TIARAS, as well as two pageant stars from the 90’s to see how their lives turned out.

Friday, Oct. 21
Meet the Johnstons: One Little Happy Family

Anderson speaks with two unconventional families with uncommon physical challenges who both believe that a positive can-do attitude helps them persevere through life’s struggles. Meet the real-life seven dwarfs and the remarkable teenage boy with a backwards leg.

Anderson worked at Boston Market on Wednesday - taping a segment for an upcoming talk show. Here are a couple of the photos posted on ~

Anderson’s Psychic Reading with John Edward (Preview)

'Anderson' in the news ~

In addition to the Mediaite article, in yesterday's Flashback Friday post; the following articles were posted in the Vancouver Sun this week ~

Newscasters' celebrity is 'undermining' journalism's credibility

Anderson Cooper excels as Oprah’s replacement
New talk show brings out newsman’s soft side

And from Broadcasting & Cable ~

Syndication Ratings: 'Big Bang' Soars to 5.0 Rating in Second Week
Among the rookie first-run shows, Warner Bros' Anderson dropped 7% from the prior week to a 1.3. (Please click on the link for how Anderson's competition is fairing...)

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Right, Anderson Cooper is serving food at The Boston Market!
He sends his assistant to get him his meals every day.
Please, and he "excells at being Oprah?"
Does Oprah KNOW ????
His ratings drop is the only thing that's real.

Anonymous said...

Toddlers and Tiaras? really?
Anderson, please do something of meaning and interview those that are occupying Wall Street and stop comparing yourself to Oprah.
You're not Oprah and never will be.
You're not even you.
This is called 'acting' and yes, you are discrediting journalism.
That part is true.

Anonymous said...

Anderson at Boston Market? I wonder if this is for a show on fast food, restaurant workers, minimum wage jobs or how wonderful the food is at Boston Market. And for fast food, Boston Market is pretty good stuff.

The "Anderson' topics in the upcoming week:

Monday - psychic John Edward - is mom Gloria going to be there? I don't need to see another psychic show and maybe Gloria is there to bump up the ratings?

Tuesday - Parents playing favorites - soccer mom topic.

Wednesday - germs - this is a good serious topic and you can't go wrong talking to Sanjay Gupta.

Thursday - Toddlers & Tiaras - usually a soccer mom topic but "60 Minutes" did a report on this way back ('80's ?) but so have a lot of other talk shows since then. However, I would be interested in hearing from the older child pageant kids.

Friday - Little Happy Family - doesn't TLC have a series like this?

An ATA posters recently stated Anderson doesn't connect with his live audience very well and he might not be personable enough to do a talk show. Those are valid concerns. It takes a very specialized type of person to be a talk show host and if you can't connect with the live audience, how can you connect with the viewing audience?

I want Anderson to be happy in whatever he does but I can imagine sometime in the future when the talk show or 360 just begins dragging on him and he's going to start phoning it in.


Dorothy said...

Can somebody please tell me where you are reading about low ratings on the daytime show or post the link. Everything I read on the internet and TV by the Numbers as of Oct 5 show him gaining and with pretty good ratings for daytime and news show. Some of you make it sound like the subjects only appeal to idiots. There are alot of people that eat and work at Boston Market, that have their kids in beauty pageants (which I don't agree with - but so be it), have been married to people living different lives and go to psychics. Why does branching out discredit any journalist or anyone for that matter. It is two different things and I seriously doubt that anyone is trying to be Oprah - I hope not - she is not one of my favorites. I think most people are trying to do the best they can at what they do. I'm sure that we don't all hit the mark of excellence on everything we try, but it sure doesn't stop us from trying. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but somehow the constructive stuff gets lost in the translation.

Anonymous said...

Jaanza: He's phoning it in now.

Phebe said...

@Dorothy, If you follow some of the links we posted you will see the talk show ratings are very mixed. The B & C link says "Among the rookie first-run shows, Warner Bros' Anderson dropped 7% from the prior week to a 1.3."
The TV by the Numbers ratings for syndicated shows posted on October 12th didn't show him in the top 25.

In the Phoenix market, where I live, the talk show isn't pulling great numbers. He doesn't steal audience from anyone, just increases when the HUT levels increase around 4:30. He has an incompatible lead in which isn't his fault and doesn't help. I sampled a day last week and he pulled as low as a .8 which won't keep him on the air, IMO. I'm not saying Phoenix is a representation of the rest of the country, I just use it because those are the only numbers I have access to on a regular basis.

While I don't totally understand the level of hostility and negativity of some commenters I do feel they are entitled to their opinion. I just hope that those with positive things to say will continue to point out the shows and topics they have found informative and enjoyable so we can have both sides represented.

judy said...

@Phebe: Thank you for your detailed explanation of the ratings of AC's day time show which I seldom watch.
I have a feeling living in the tri-state area, that the Phoenix area is in fact, a true sampling of the metropolitan areas, both on the East and West Coasts.
You did reference all of the statistics and they are comparable with samplings I've read as well.
When people in the media start to question Anderson and his intentions, than it is not only the negative commentors here, but a reflection of how those with backgrounds in journalism feel and their attitudes towards AC's day time performance, that is ultimately a concern.

Dorothy said...

@Phebe - thank so much. I zipped right past that those links tonight - not purposely :) and was only reading the info I had available. I do understand the importance of everyone voicing an opinion, but in the business I'm in and life in general, I have always been taught to voice a differnce of opinion in a constructive manner and not with so much hostility in order for people to take what your saying seriously, so I have some trouble stepping out of those boundries at times. Appreciate you.

westcoaster said...

I get the feeling the hostility and anger coming from the anonymous posters are actually really coming from one anonymous poster who is posting multiple times. The writing styles, rants and complaints are all very similiar, and the posting times are usually quite close together! Tonight's are a good at 9:10pm, followed by one at 9:16 pm. I have noticed this pattern before tonight as well.

@the angry anon poster tonight...Anderson didn't write the articles comparing himself to Oprah, so please calm down...he does not compare himself to Oprah, it was someone else who made the comparison. He has always said he is not trying to replace to replicate Oprah, he is only being himself.

@Jaanza - I don't see how "60Minutes" could have done a piece on Toddlers and Tiara's in the 80's since it's actually a child pagent show on TLC that's in it's second or third season. (It's an awful show with horrific stage parents who exploite their children, but I think that is what Anderson will be discussing on his show... he has very publicly stated previously his dislike for the show).

I really don't understand all the hostility either towards Anderson and the daytime show.... if you don't like then don't watch it! He seems to like doing it. I have watched most of them (I am at home recovering from surgery and watch a lot of daytime TV and so far, I have enjoyed his show. It hasn't changed how I see him as a newsman because I have seen him laugh and seen the lighter side of his personality. Seriously, if you don't like it, then don't watch it. Why spend your time posting negative posts about a show that you don't watch? The show seems to be doing fine here on the west coast, it's on lots of channels in lots of time slots. It starts here at 12, 1, 2, 3, or 4 PST then Anderson is on CNN at 5, 7, 10 and 11 PST so there is certainly no shortage of Anderson here!

Anonymous said...

I dont think that doing a talk show undermining his credibility as a journalist.
He sent a tweet this week saying that he was on jury duty.
I don't understand the level of hostility of the comments but having said that I agree with:
* he should interview those that are occupying Wall Street (but Fox News may not agree with that)
* if this is for a show on fast food, restaurant workers, minimum wage jobs
* Anderson doesn't connect with his live audience very well
* he might not be personable enough to do a talk show.
Anderson Cooper is a cold and distant person he should drop the show.

Dee said...

@westcoaster I also don't understand the hostility toward the show. I tape the show and watch it later since I don't plan my day around tv. Every show is not going to appeal to me - after all he does have other viewers - but I've learned something from each show. I enjoy his humor and interviewing style. I'm focused on the interview and not the audience.

Anonymous said...

I've been an Anderson Cooper fan for a long time and the appeal for me has been his authenticity in his field reporting and the stories he's passionate about - Syria, Libya, Somalia, etc. Unfortunately, that isn't coming through for me on the talk show. He seems awkward and uncomfortable much of the time, although there have been a few times when he seemed to loosen up a bit and those segments were enjoyable. Overall, for me, it's his passion for the topics he's covering that seems to be lacking.

To set the record straight -- Anderson was not off this week for jury duty. When the talk show tapings were posted in early July -- there were none listed for this week. He apparently reported for jury duty on Tuesday morning and then was released by the judge after a short wait. It was a vacation week for Anderson. Nothing wrong with that, everyone has a right to vacation time.

I'm not of the opinion that doing a talk show has to undermine his journalistic integrity, but when topics like psychics, having a reading done by a "medium", shows devoted to reality television programs, etc. become the norm, I do feel it is a fair question.

While I'm sure Anderson interacting with the studio audience more may help the studio audience experience, I think he needs to find a way to connect with the television viewer. Questions from audience members, close up shots of audience members when Anderson is interviewing someone and all the web-site "chat" do nothing for me while I'm watching the program. I think he needs to show he's passionate about or at least genuinely interested in the talk show topics he presents, if he hopes to connect with the home viewer.

@westcoaster - I've never heard of a syndicated program being shown on several stations/several times in a given market. Are you located so that you pull from two or three different markets?

In the end, viewers speak in the form of ratings. His ratings for AC360 are half of what they were 2 to 3 years ago. Perhaps he and the talk show have given up on his loyal viewers and are looking for a whole new group with a very different set of interests.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

I think what people mean when they say he needs to connect better with the live audience is he needs to be more at ease with them. Kind of give and take. And then that give and take, and energy would cross over to those watching on TV. I don't think it necessarily has to do with his asking questions or shots of the audience, just his overall level of comfort. And how that uncomfortableness might be transferring over to the tv viewers.

A live audience should be giving you that extra bit of energy. They shouldn't just be props.

As a performer myself(which is probably why I think this is an important key element in any show with a live audience) a live audience is more powerful than people think. If there's no energy in the room and you're uncomfortable with what you're talking about or just uncomfortable in general it's gonna transfer over to the tv viewers.

I think the thing with someone like Ellen is she makes you feel like you're PART of the conversation (Whether you're in the live audience or watching on TV). Where Anderson makes you feel like you're an outsider just watching his conversation.

I hope that all made sense...


Anonymous said...

@westcoaster - the report on "60 Minutes" I saw in the 80's was about child beauty pageants, not about the tv show "Toddlers & Tiaras." And it was a really good report, wish someone could put it up on Youtube.

This is my 2nd try, hope it gets through.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your insight. I'm a huge sports fan and understand the whole team pulling energy from the fans in the stands/arena dynamic; but if the team doesn't play well/game isn't exciting, that energy is lost.

I do feel that Anderson is awkward when navigating the audience for questions and the audience in the background looks bored to death; and yes, that does come across to the home viewer.

Hopefully, over time, he'll become more comfortable with his role as talk show host and be able to use the studio audience to his advantage.

Thanks for sharing.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

It is quite odd that Anderson is shown so many times in your area while in the ny/nj areas he is shown only once on a channel that is not considered strong.
His show isn't even listed in a local newspaper in the surrounding ny area and shows like Ellen are.
You must be in a really special location with nothing else to fill air time.

westcoaster said...

It's just part of my cable package that the channels have picked up Anderson's daytime show. He's not the only show that is like that here... most of the daytime shows are like that, and most of the evening shows are shown twice, but also on multiple channels. Maybe I live in TV heaven? (or hell to some?)

I'm sure Anderson will improve his interactions with the audience as he does more shows.... how many of you were perfect at your new jobs in the first few weeks? Every job has a huge learning curve, and Anderson has said many many times that he is learning stuff everyday about how to be better at the new show.... People should just relax and give him a chance!

Anonymous said...

After a month of episodes, I can take it or leave it. I don't dislike the show, but I have no real desire to watch anymore.

I tape the show and watch it on the weekends. I was surprised to find myself fast-forwarding through segements, and then skipping entire shows. This weekend I finally realized the problem for me: There's nothing that sets it apart from other talk shows. The topics have all been covered before. Maybe if he did a 5 - 10 minute monologue. But that's tough to do because the show is taped.
I still watch & enjoy 360, but I'm surprised to find myself not enjoying the talk show. I do wish him well with the venture and I hope it is successful.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.
There is nothing that sets it apart from any other show.
He could be anyone holding a microphone.
We could do that.
Would 400 some odd people come to watch us. No.
But with reality shows doing as well as they are, anyone of us could draw a quarter of a million viewers, just being us.
And we'd work for a whole lot less than Anderson, and be very happy with what we got.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons people are wanting him to improve on a bunch of things relatively quickly is because it's TV. Now a days in TV they don't sit around and just wait to see if you may or may not get better. Not if it's costing them viewers.


Anonymous said...

To those terrible parents who are playing favorites... Really? We've been hoping to have a child for years, waiting and waiting for our adoption to come through (3 years now and counting). Sometimes I wish all parents would have yo ho through what adoptive parents endure. This subject hurts me so much, a favorite child... How about just feeling lucky that you have a child. Seems to that they're just looking for attention.