Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Claire said...

My favorite talk show radio host in Chicago played Anderson's McRib Ridiculist segment on his show today. He wasn't kind to Anderson, saying mostly the snark had to have been written by the show's writers. Ended his segment saying that it was obvious Anderson wasn't into his own show, he couldn't even read the copy right.

I'm posting this just to say it's not just the Anderson fans here who are becoming critical. Any time in the past I've heard this host talk about Anderson, it's been complimentary. Not today.

Anonymous said...

@Claire --

Funny you mentioned this. Anderson did a satellite interview with FOX32 Chicago over their noon newscast. It lasted less than a minute and you could tell the newscaster wasn't impressed with him at all.

FOX32 is a straight up newscast in Chicago and it's the station that carries his show in Chicago. I was kind of shocked.

Perhaps the fact that he rarely sets foot in Chicago, (It seems to be all East Coast, LA, Vegas & Canada when it comes to talk show promotion) had something to do with it. Since Chicago is the third largest market in the U.S. he may want to re-think this, given his ratings...

But come to think of it, the only times I remember him coming to Chicago were Oprah related or to exploit the gang problem for 360.