Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anderson: All-American Muslims Debate: How Do You Feel About Muslims Living in the US?

Anderson opened the show introducing today's topic, giving us background on the TLC program Muslim In America and introducing us to four members of the cast ~

Anderson's first four guests on the couch were two couple's from the TLC program: Nawal and Nadar a modern Muslim couple raising an American Muslim child & Shaida and Jeff. Shadia refuses to wear a hijab and Jeff converted (from Catholicism) before marrying Shadia. Later, Nina, another cast member who is often accused of not being Muslim enough, joined the other cast members on stage. There was an audience guest, Melanie, who started a boycott campaign against the Muslim TV show on Facebook, and she weighed in on several occasions. Bruce Feiler, a bestselling author on Faith & Family was in the audience and shared his opinion and experience a couple of times. There were questions from members of the audience and an interesting, but respectful confrontation between Melanie and Anderson at one point.

Bruce Feiler made a very interesting point to bring perspective and hope for the future ~

Anderson ended the show stating his reason for doing the program and thanking his guests ~

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Anonymous said...

In order to have a meaningful debate on this issue,I think people who are well grounded in Islam and its theology should be invited to the show to explain and clarify things for those that are in doubt about Islam and muslims. People like Nouman Ali Khan, Yasir Qadhi, Khalid Latif.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked today's 'Anderson'. I think everyone on the stage brought some good points to the discussion but I especially liked hearing what Nawal had to say. She was well spoken.I liked hearing the input from Bruce Feiler. I don't even know what to say about Melanie in the audience.

Maya said...

Melanie came across as a woman filled with hatred for all things unknown. She tried to explain away her understanding of Muslim religoin/culture, but came across just woefully uneducated. Speaking to Anderson (world traveller)and the panel (real live Muslim people), she lacked knowledge on every conceivable level. I'm assuming she was brought on by the show, but for God's sake, educate her better prior to taping. Hatred's ugly no matter how disguised.