Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anderson: Bengals Cheerleader in Lawsuit Against Website & Nancy Grace

Anderson opened the show explaining two of the three unrelated topics that would be covered today ~

Anderson speaks with English teacher and Captain of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad Sarah Jones, who is suing a website called for defamation of character. Sarah claims published false information that Sarah was dating multiple Bengals players, had sex in her classroom with one of them and had a cheating boyfriend who infected her with two STDs. Sarah sat down with Anderson to discuss the embarrassment and public scrutiny she faced after being slandered online. Nik Ritchie, creator of, joined in the conversation via satellite, for a very confrontational interview with Mr. Cooper.

Latest "Dancing with the Stars" castoff, Nancy Grace, and her partner joined Anderson via satellite to discuss her experience on the show and her thoughts on the Conrad Murray verdict ~

The video of the girl fainting during her proposal was played and then the couple was brought on stage to discuss the event with Anderson. She said yes once she came to! 'Anderson,' in conjunction with the Costa Rica Tourist Board, presented the couple with an 8 day/7 night stay to explore Costa Rica.

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judy said...

As a viewer who never misses DWTS, I didn't vote once for Nancy Grace, but I do like her partner and hope he reappears next season.
There is something very endearing about him and just love his Irish accent.
Did think Len was a bit mean to Nancy, telling her the ball was over and it was time for her to go home. But Nancy knows how to dish it out, so she can take it.

judy said...

Congratulations to Anderson's mid-season renewal.
WNYW is known here as FOX 5 NY.
It is a stronger station than he's on now, however, Dr.Oz is ALSO on fox 5 at 4PM and I doubt very much if he will be giving that time slot up, nor would FOX want him to. His ratings have been consistently higher than AC's.
Anderson will have to change his time slot if he wants to remain on FOX 5.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' wasn't very good. The best part was Nancy Grace. I liked her on there and wish she could have been on longer. I'd like to see her on for the hour one day.