Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Anderson: Chaz Bono, "Toddlers & Tiaras" Update, and Anderson Teaches Kindergarten

Anderson opened today's show explaining the three unrelated topics/stories that would be covered ~

First up was the Toddlers & Tiaras mom at the center of controversy for dressing her three-year old like a hooker as part of a pageant. Some audience members voiced their opinions. After a break, three-year old Paisley joined Anderson on stage and presented him with a crown before joining her mom on the couch.

Chaz Bono was Anderson's next guest. Chaz discussed his Dancing With The Stars experience and the controversy surrounding his participation and elimination. Cher joined in the conversation via phone. There was discussion of Chaz's life as a transgendered individual and questions from the audience.

The last topic was Anderson's experience taking over a Kindergarten class for a couple of hours; why he did it and his experience ~

After the break, Anderson received his grades; there were gifts of books to the classroom from the Scholastic Book Club and Staples made a donation for classroom supplies; and more interaction with the kids ~

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Anonymous said...

This had to be the most disjointed show, from what I can see through the clips.
I did not watch the show and don't intend to.
Why would Anderson need Chaz to teach first grade?????
And most mothers I know would be reaching for their remotes right about now, at just the thought of Chaz Bono doing anything with young children.
What is wrong with Anderson these days????
And then the Tiera part with toddlers, good grief Charlie Brown!
Someone needs to fire all his producers starting now.
What was his theme: Who's available and let's give the pot a stir and see what sticks to the wall?

Anonymous said...

OK where is everyone, other than ACAnderFan and Phebe no one has posted any comments about Anderson or 360 the last couple of days. Have you all fallen into a black hole?

Didn't see today's Anderson, so I can't comment. I do want to hear Madoff's DIL tomorrow and see how she feels about Ruth and the family.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's "Anderson' was just a miss match of topics, none of which were all that interesting which is probably why they didn't get their own hour. The most interesting part was the pageant mom. Dressing your 3 year old up as a hooker is wrong on so many levels.

The part with Anderson with the kindergarteners was incredibly annoying. I don't know how he kept his cool. I do not have the patience for kids at all and probably would have lost my temper if I was him. More power to AC for putting up with kids.

Anonymous said...

I watched the clip of Anderson teaching the kindergarten class, which was cute but too short. My favorite substitute teacher was in 11th grade for a literature class. The sub was an Army guy and he showed up in uniform and just talked the entire time about his travels around the world. At the time it was very cool but looking back, I wonder if it was sort of recruitment/advertising

It was cute but sheer entertainment. How about a serious show about the conditions in American schools? .Phil Donahue would have gone to a struggling high school.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jaanza about doing a show on schools. A few years ago, when Anderson was special agent for O he went to a DC school and looked at the deplorable conditions there, how about him going back there to see if anything has changed or how about going to the schools in NOLA, oh yeah he forgot. So much for we'll never forget.