Monday, November 14, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday 11/14/11

PENN STATE SCANDAL: Anderson Cooper reporting
Panel Follow Up: Jeffrey Toobin, Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos

As a Penn State Alum I find AC360's reporting on this deeply disturbing story to be quite the rush to judgment. I believe Mark Geragos said it best on Monday's program when he refuted Anderson's reporting on the subject of Joe Paterno, comparing it to a good old fashion lynching by the media. If you missed it here's the video.

Please don't misunderstand, I am horrified by what has transpired at PSU but I also realize the we (and Anderson Cooper) don't have all the facts yet on the culpability of Joe Paterno, President Spanier and others. Some of the 'facts' just don't add up, as Geragos said. I am deeply disturbed by the vigilante mentality Cooper has taken toward those on the periphery of this story. Perhaps it's time for a step back to let the investigation play out, before rushing to judgement?
On a lighter note I pretty much laughed out loud at the very tightly clenched jaw of Mr. Cooper while he was getting his tongue lashing from Mr. Geragos. Wonder if that's the last we'll see of the noted attorney for a while? ~Phebe

Follow Up Discussion: Ben Andreozzi (victim attorney), Christine Brennen (sports writer), Cory Giger (sports reporter) and Mia Fernandez (victim advocate)

HERMAN CAIN CAUGHT ON TAPE: Discussion with Ari Fleischer and Paul Begala

CRIME & PUNISHMENT, Kidnapped Venezuelan baseball player rescued: Luis Carlos Velez, CNNi, speaks with AC about the crime


THE RIDICULIST: The Guy Who Stole this Lady's Bike

AC360 Transcript

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I don't think 360 really needs to spend half the program on the Penn State sex scandal. I think 10-15 minutes would be more than enough.

Anonymous said...

Phebe you have to excuse Anderson's rush to judgement.
He's really much more concerned with TLC's extreme couponing, and how to set family finances in order with Joy Behar.
I too think there was a rush to judgement but then isn't there always a presumed guilt by the media, until proven innocent?
Having said that, I'm not a fan of Mark Geragos. Haven't liked him since the OJ trial.
Maybe Herman Con finally stuck his big foot in his mouth once too often, and his fifteen minutes of political fame might be over.
Let us pray.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, Anderson has a history of tunnel vision on certain stories that he feels strongly about. The longer I observe him the more I think he needs serious therapy for issues from his childhood.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have to disagree with all of you. Anderson, media and everyone else has the right to call them as they see them. There is no law stating that we have to subscribe to the theory of Innocent until proven guilty, that is until you are on the jury and last I saw Anderson was not on the jury. Paterno and every male at that school were so wrapped up in the football program that they were the ones with tunnel vision. They did the bare minimum to save the program and the school AND now it all has blown up in their faces. Well as far as I'm concerned every single one of them is guilty in some way, though not to the extent that Sandusky is. And yes in my opinion he is guilty.

To Penn State Paterno was a god and could no wrong, but guess what even the mighty fall.

Anonymous said...

The Peter Pan Syndrome all the way.

Suzanne said...

Universities have a strong tradition of handling crimes on campus themselves - this isn't one they should have done that on though (and it doesn't so far look like they did anything at all). I really disagree with them letting Joe Paterno go before the season ended when he was going to retire anyway. He reported the incident to his boss, following his chain of command as they say in the military. From there it should have been up to someone higher up the food chain at Penn State to call the police. Right now it just looks like they are trying to find lots and lots of people to let go to draw the attention away from the fact that the university big wigs didn't act on the report when they should have - just spreading the blame around.

Anderson always seems to take a side before he looks at both perspectives. He's no more objective than Fox is on some subjects.