Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CAIN'S ACCUSERS: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow Up Discussion: Gloria Borger, Maria Cardona and Ari Fleischer

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SYRIA LIES: Anderson Cooper reporting
One on One Interview: journalist Ramita Navai, who filmed documentary in Syria recently

ELECTION 2011: Tom Foreman

PENN STATE FOOTBALL SCANDAL: Jason Carroll reporting
Follow Up Discussion: Jason Carroll, Sara Ganim (local reporter) and Wendy Murphy (sex crimes prosecutor)

BREAKING NEWS, CAIN'S ACCUSER SPEAKS OUT: Gloria Borger spoke of her exclusive phone interview with the victim



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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I am so over this Herman Cain story. 360 needs to move on and leave it for the bulletin. Its a waste of airtime.

Anonymous said...

So if fifty more women come out of their shallow dwellings and accuse Herman Con of sexual harassment, does that make him any more viable?
He seems to know more about the NRA and the restaurant association, than he does about government, economics, or foreign policy, so why is HE important?
In the end even Ari Fleischer almost admitted he'd never be the nomination anyway.
CNN let CAIN go.
He's wiping sweat off his brow now.
Imagine what would happen if he ever got close to the White House.
And Anderson, you know you want to put that silly, sexy woman with the pouty lips, on your dayshow so why put Dr Drew on the Ridiculist??
She's the perfect candidate, stupid, sexual, and a wanna be reality star.
She's just waiting to tell her sordid tale of woe. Grab her before Springer gets her.
Did I say grab??

Anonymous said...

The Cain discussion was pretty good and there were many reasonable statements made all around. Anderson and CNN must give Cain lots of coverage because 1) He's a big frontrunner and 2) He's big news with all of the allegations coming out. Even if you don't like the guy, he's worthy of the coverage.

I switched channels a lot during the Syria and football news but I did see Tom Foreman's segment about the 2011 elections and wished there was more concrete forecasts and more about Mississippi's "personhood" proposition.

Near the middle of 360 when Anderson hinted the Ridiculist had Courtney Stoddern in it, I didn't stick around to hear it. It's only after reading ATA that I see the target was Dr. Drew. Unfortunately Anderson is fixated with Ms. Stoddern and we'll see a few more Ridiculists about her before Anderson moves on.