Friday, November 04, 2011

Anderson: The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy

Anderson opened the program taking about how his friend, Jackie Reid, inspired today's show topic and introduced her as his first guest ~

Jackie joined Anderson to talk about what she looked for in a dating relationship and how race is a factor. Jackie's sister was in the audience and she disagrees with Jackie. Rich Banks author of a controversial new book, “Is Marriage for White People?” joined in the discussion. The audience weighed in on the discussion. Expert matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson joined the discussion to provide tips for finding your perfect mate. Paul took Jackie on a dating challenge and the group discussed it.

After a break the discussion turned to other races, besides the black/white dynamic and the audience shared their experiences and opinions. Religion/faith as an issue in relationships was also discussed, as well of the results of an Essence poll on interracial dating.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever thought the idea for this show was something NEW must have been born in 1920.
My cousin married outside his race
in 1984, and then it was a bit controversial.
Hello, we have BLACK PRESIDENT and some folks don't like it, but that's their problem.
And the last time I checked, Herman Cain was black as well.
Anderson has to update his show and by the way....News flash, Oprah is black or Afro-American.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I couldn't really get into today's 'Anderson'. As for people not dating outside their race I don't think its necessarily racism I think its just people are attracted to people who are like themselves.

aries moon said...

The comments on the Anderson website on this subject are quite interesting. This is a complex issue and there are a lot of sides to it which was evident on the show.

Anonymous said...

I think the show was probably interesting, but to a pretty narrow audience.

It wasn't something that interested me at all, but I'm not the demographic for this topic. I think they could have expanded their audience if they had delved into other races and inter-faith relationships; rather than just the black/white issue.

If this is the best they have to offer for sweeps, then I see an uphill battle.

aries moon said...

I think the whole point of the show is that although we've made strides in terms of race relations, racism hasn't magically disappeared simply because we have an African-American president and a African-American candidate for president--all you need to know to realize this is the way President Obama has been treated by birthers and certain members of the Tea Party. Racism can rear its ugly head in subtle ways that are only evident to those who have had the misfortune of experiencing it. Yes, there are other groups who date outside of their race, but historically it has always been the black-white combination that has been the most controversial and inflammatory in this country--especially when it comes to black men dating/marrying white women. While we may all want to believe that race is no longer a big deal, unfortunately it still is.

Anonymous said...

A lot of black women who are well educated seek white male companions because the black men they meet are not on their level intellectually and are unemployed.
If anyone watches the HWOA, which is now showing, most of those women have had bad relationships with men and are now independently wealthy from the show or have their own businesses.
They are all typical of Afro-American women who prefer to do it themselves then live in abusive relationships with low self esteem.
Socio-economic stability has a lot to do with who people meet and marry, in both races.