Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anderson: 'DWTS' Winner JR Martinez, Syracuse Child Sexual Abuse Scandal, Tracey Gold, & Elton John

First Topic: J.R. Martinez, Dancing With The Stars Champion, spoke with Anderson via satellite for a very brief time.

Second Topic: Syracuse University Child Sex Abuse Scandal
Guests: Christian Red, Sports Investigative Reporter, NY Daily News
Marci A. Hamilton, Law Professor, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Zach Tomaselli, Says he was sexually abused by Bernie Fine (via satellite)

Third Topic: Anorexia and battling eating disorders
Guest: Tracey Gold, Host, "Starving Secrets With Tracey Gold"
Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Licensed Psychologist

Fourth Topic: Elton John
Guests: Elton John
Kelby Donnelly, fan who won trip to Las Vegas
Dorothy, Usher at the Colosseum

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judy said...

JR Martinez is smart.
He phoned it in.
He's probably watched "Anderson," and said to himself: Why bother?
Teens and their diets is one complete topic.
What part of one does Anderson NOT get?
And don't blame it on his producers.
He has his name on this 'mess' and he better clean it up fast.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only part of today's 'Anderson' that I liked was Tracy Gold. I like her and that she is so open with her past struggles with anorexia. Its sad that producers of Growing Pains wanted her to lose weight and had jokes in the script about her weight.

The rest of the show just wasn't very good or interesting, and I am so over these sex scandals. Its bad enough they take up such a large chunk of 360 now they're invading the talk show.

Anonymous said...

The show is an hour long. With commercials we're now at about 42ish minutes. Which comes to 10ish minutes per segment. And of course some topics will be longer. Making the shorter segments look like an afterthought. Or leave the longer segment (That could fill up the whole show) looking too short.

Why don't they see this!?


Anonymous said...

Today's talk show left me banging my head on the desk. JR Martinez has an amazing personal story and was given about 3 minutes of the show. Anderson said he wanted to do the talk show to tell people's stories -- well JR could have taken the hour easily.

Elton John could have been another hour. One has to wonder why he wasn't in the studio with Anderson and for the hour. Anderson sat down with him in Las Vegas when he was there to moderate the Rupblican debate, but just a week or two later Elton was in NYC for the week. Anderson even emceed his fundraiser that week. I've seen Elton on Letterman and he was wonderful, sharing the story of his life/career/David & Zachary. He could have preformed like he did on Dave.

I'm sorry, but the changes to Anderson in both format and personnel have left me hugely disappointed. I know new shows have to find their way, but it's become more random and seems to be getting worse instead of better.

I'm also wondering why the "Ask Anderson" "journalist" questions didn't make it to air. It seems like he'll promote the daytime show on 360 every chance he gets, but never seems to mention 360 on the talk show. If he's over the news, then he needs to leave 360 and devote his time to making the talk show better. It would make me sad, but it's obvious he can't do both and do them well. He has two mediocre, (I'm being nice) shows and no 60 Minutes segments have aired yet this season.

I want to think Anderson's heart is still with the news and if that's the case, then he needs to figure out a way to bow out of the talk show.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are being kind.
I don't think he will bow out of the talk show unless someone in the know, tells him that it isn't working.
I said right from the beginning that he surrounded himself with "Yes people,' people that would do anything to make him happy and NOT tell him the truth.
That's what he hired and that's what he got.
If they left Oprah, there was a reason and the reason was, she had no use for them.
And now we know why.
Even the Ridiculist is mediocre, but nobody says, "that's not working."
On Jon Stewart, he hired smart talent and they will tell him, and he automatically knows, from the reaction of his audience that "the joke didn't go over."
Ellen is the same way. And if it didn't work once, then you let it go.
Something tells me AC is very stubborn and very determined and since it has worked in the past, he feels it will always work and no one likes to admit being wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson believes that he is Anderson Cooper and is the golden boy on daytime TV because everyone just loved him on Regis and Kelly. The key word is 'Kelly' who is very much a pro in making all of her guest co-hosts look good. I don't think he is interested in working hard on either show, but is allowing others to do the work and he reads/fills in the blanks on both the shows. I also think if he is really in charge of both shows, he needs to get out of TV--neither 360or the daytime show are worth watching.

Anonymous said...

@2;19PM: All your points are well taken and makes total sense.
Kelly is an ego booster certainly,
but Anderson is still following his bliss.
Get tired of one thing, go do the next. It's there for the taking.
You're right.
Neighter show is worth watching and I don't.