Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Anderson: Internet Revenge, Toni Braxton, & UT Motorcycle Rescue Reunion

Anderson opened today's show explaining the three unrelated segments that would fill most of the hour ~

Anderson's first guests were a couple whose lives were effected when the woman posted to the Website after reading some messages on her boyfriend's Facebook page. The CEO and creator of joined in via satellite from LA to defend his site. There were audience questions, a psychologist in the audience who spoke about revenge and a couple whose lives have been devastated by the husband's scorned lovers who took revenge via the Internet. He is seeking recourse through a lawsuit.

Braxton Family Values star Toni Braxton joined Anderson to share her own revenge story, to talk about her family and their reality show, and the tongue "trick" she and Anderson were both able to perform. (See tomorrow's Thursday Flashback post for more on the tongue trick.)

The motorcycle rider who was trapped under a burning car and whose rescue was captured on video, was Anderson's next guest. Brandon shared his story of that day with Anderson before being joined by six of the group of Good Samaritans who rescued him/saved his life. People Magazine's managing editor was in the audience to weigh in on this story.

In the final segment, Anderson began by introducing a couple of his favorite viral videos and then introduced the Pix11 anchor that was the "star" of the second one for in this blogger's opinion, a rather bizzare interview ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only good part of today's 'Anderson' the reunion of the trapped motorcyclist and his rescuers.