Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Anderson: Intervention w/Mom on Rx Pills. Plus, David Arquette & Padma Lakshmi

Anderson opened today's show explaining two of today's three unrelated segments ~

After the opening, Brittany, a woman who has been addicted to prescription drugs since the birth of her son 4 years ago, joined Anderson on stage to discuss her addiction. Brittany's mother and the father of her son later joined on stage to discuss Brittany's addiction and how it has affected their relationship with her. An intervention was staged with an intervention specialist joining the group and walking the family through the steps. Anderson introduced the executive director of a treatment center who was sitting in the audience and she made the offer for 30 days of treatment. There was a van waiting and Brittany had an on the spot decision to make -- she chose treatment. The camera followed her backstage where she said goodbye to her family, including her son, and walked out and got in the van. (I did notice that when Brittany said goodbye to her son, she said she was going to be gone, like they had talked about.)

Anderson's next guest was David Arquette who talked about his time on Dancing With The Stars, his rehab experience, fatherhood and his current projects ~

Anderson's last guest today was Padma Lakshmi, who was on hand to judge the 'Anderson Top Chef Challenge - Spinach Edition' ~

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