Friday, November 11, 2011

Anderson: Judge Spanking Teen Daughter Goes Viral. Plus, Eva Longoria

Anderson opened today's show talking about the controversial topic of spanking ~

Anderson spoke with Hillary Adams and her mother Hallie, about a video Hillary recently posted to YouTube of her father, a Texas Judge, beating her at age 16. Her mother also took part in the beating. They discussed why Hillary posted the video, why she waited 7 years to do so and their family dynamic past and present.

Anderson also spoke with Professor George Holden, whose recent study on parents yelling at their children actually caught parents on audiotape, spanking their children in real time over petty misbehaviors. Then three mothers who admit to spanking their children, took the stage and "America's Supernanny" Deborah Tillman weighed in on the issue. There were audience questions throughout both segments.

And Eva Longoria stopped by to discuss the final season of “Desperate Housewives,” her love of Twitter and going back to school for a mater's degree. Eva squared off against an audience member in the Anderson “Desperate Housewives” challenge.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Loved Eva Longoria on today's episode of 'Anderson'. I love her on Desperate Housewives and she's a great talk show guest. It seemed liked Anderson really enjoyed having her on there.

Anonymous said...

Really tried to watch the day show but it felt like punishment.
None of the segments connected with one another and Anderson's feigned look of interest when questioning the audience is as strange as the audience's feigned look of interest at the subject matter.
And now that he's gotten renewed for next season to a stronger station AC better be prepared to perform with higher ratings.
Fox affiliates don't like shows that average less than 2-5.
He will be pressured to produce or go home.