Monday, November 28, 2011

Anderson: Melissa McCarthy. Plus, Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? -- The Turkey Lady’s Story

First Guest - Melissa McCarthy; "Bridesmaids", Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead Actress Comedy Series, "Mike & Molly" sat down to talk to Anderson about her life & career.
A surprise for Melissa; Sister Barbara K. Wiatkowski, Melissa's High School Dean from Plainfield, IL.

Second Guest - Victoria Ruvolo, struck by 20-pound frozen turkey thrown from speeding car sat down to talk to Anderson about her "experience" and forgiveness.
In the audience, Detective James Bierton who tracked down teen who threw frozen turkey & Dr. Robert Goldman, co-author No Room For Vengence.

Audience "Ask Anderson" ~

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious from the above audio clip, that the audience and the viewers WANT Anderson to talk about serious topics, they expect HIM to talk about SERIOUS TOPICS, the economy and OWS.
That should tell HIM that people identify HIM WITH SERIOUS NEWS.
This is not going to change, and he should realize that just because he's in transition, his audience doesn't fully buy it!!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was OK. I did like the interview with Melissa McCarthy, she was interesting and funny. You could tell Anderson really enjoyed having her on. The soap carving of Anderson was really creepy looking.

I can't believe the woman who got hit with the turkey pretty much forgave the kid who threw the turkey through her car window. More power to her for being able to forgive.

Claire said...

I only watched the Melissa McCarthy interview because I really like her, but gosh, Anderson really needs to loosen up and enjoy his guests. It seemed like he was so focused on what he was going to ask her next, he wasn't really listening to her responses. I did enjoy her and it was a nice touch to have her high school teacher there.

Unknown said...

I know this is from awhile ago, but could you post the interview on the "Germ Investigation" show where they were talking about germs in fast-food restaurant play areas? It's not on the Anderson website.