Thursday, November 03, 2011

Anderson: Polyamory, Viewers' Trash or Treasure, & 90-Year-Old Sorority Pledge

Anderson informed viewers of the three unrelated topics that would make up today's show ~

First up was a segment on polyamory; an extraordinary family in which the woman has two boyfriends living in her home and is raising a child fathered by one of the two men. A former girlfriend of one of the men joined on stage and in the discussion about why this kind of relationship is not right for her. The audience weighed in with questions. And then, a woman currently dating one of the two men was Skyped in. She has a partner she's raising two children with who apparently approves. Yikes! A relationship expert weighed in and their son was brought out on stage.

The second segment was called "Buried Treasure" and the Keno brothers (from Antiques Road Show) helped viewers determine if their possessions are trash or treasure. Anderson's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt made an appearance and joined in on the fun to find out the value of some of her treasures.

In the final segment Anderson spoke (via satellite) with Bertie McConnell, who at age 90 accepted a bid to join the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority chapter at Washburn University. McConnell postponed her dream of joining the sorority in 1941 to help with the war effort.

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Anonymous said...

This show was a new low for Anderson.
While I liked the treasure segment the first one was totally ridiculous. Who on his staff decided to even suggest this topic. The woman was so self centered and didn't even care about anyone but herself. If this is anything that we can expect from his new producer or the other 20 producers on the show I can see how everyone is getting turned off.

And is it just me or is Anderson overly obsessed with money and the fear of not having any?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I forgot the doll that the big doll that the one woman brought on was a Patty Play Pal doll, I know because I had one growing up. It is the size of a 3 year old and could wear 2T clothes.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only good part of today's 'Anderson' was the how much is peoples stuff worth. As always it was nice to see Gloria on the show. Her storage unit seem huge! Wonder how much stuff she really has...LOL! The rest of the show was just stupid.

Anonymous said...

It is not you Dee Dee.
He has said in his book he was obsessed with making a living and surviving on his own many times.
What he doesn't say is, how this all came about.
Something must have triggered this compulsion or obsession, but what?
He's a Vanderbilt, so what happened and where did all the money go?
And finally, when is enough, enough, money that is?

Anonymous said...


I agree that today was a new low with the first story. I can't believe 'Anderson' gave airtime to a person who is proud of having a child out of wedlock and living with more than one man. I feel so sorry for that little boy.

I know that no relationship is perfect, but condoning open cheating - let's call it what it is - is just wrong. If this is the best they have to offer during November sweeps, then they don't deserve a second year, IMO.

And what's up with the weekly appearance by Gloria? I like her, but enough is enough. I felt sorry for her today when she said she projected her hopes and dreams on items she buys at flea markets. How messed up is that? And then Monday, she's back again to talk about surviving loss? Is that the only topic she ever talks about? Maybe she needs her own show....

Anonymous said...

Why is it a new low?? Relationships such as this do exist and just because you don't agree with it, it's low? All Anderson was doing was bringing to light that not everyone has a typical family or relationship. I personally know people in polyamorous relationships that are very happy and healthy. They have children who are also very happy. I think it's "low" to be so judgemental of other people's life decisions just because they're not what you would do in your life.

Anonymous said...

No, Anderson is now speaking to "low life," and substandard people, is what the commenter meant, and I agree.
How can you go from speaking to the leader of the free world, to yes, these common people, and why put them on television?
Why give them a forum at all?