Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anderson: Private Lives Exposed, Ellen Barkin, and Latest 'DWTS' Castoff Hope Solo

Anderson looked at the shocking new online trend called revenge porn, in which private lives are exposed by bitter exes who post sexual photos on the Internet to exact revenge, even linking the photo to their ex's Facebook page, revealing a real name and identity ~

Guests included:
*Two girls whose topless/naked photos ended up on a website with a link to their Facebook page and identifying information.
*Hunter Moore - Runs website where people post naked pictures for revenge.
*Bill Stanton - Safety Security Expert spoke about how laws haven't caught up to the Internet and how to protect yourself from being exposed
*Two people (one male and one female) who have posted naked pictures of friends on website for revenge.
*Anderson took questions from the audience and expressed his own opinions toward the people who submit photos and Hunter Moore. One thing not touched upon is why people have nude photos of themselves and have them on their computer to begin with.

After a break, Anderson's next guest was a young woman who was secretly videotaped at a tanning salon and the video ended up on a porn site. (A guy accessed the tanning salon through the ceiling from the office next door without knowledge of the salon. The man has been arrested.) The security expert showed devices that contain hidden cameras. While they can be used for security reasons, some people use them for less than honest purposes.

Anderson spoke with the latest castoff from "DWTS," Hope Solo, via satellite. Hope spoke about her experience on "DWTS" ~

Anderson's final guest was actress Ellen Barkin, who discussed her new addiction to Twitter and her penchant for cursing like a sailor. Anderson threatened a Twitter intervention for Ellen. She also spoke about being a fan of the Real Housewives franchise and how she's pulled away a bit because she's realized they are really adult bullies. Anderson showed a bit of Ellen's new movie, "Another Happy Day" where she plays the role of an imperfect mother. Ellen also spoke of her own real life co-parenting relationship with ex-husband Gabriel Byrne and how close they remained after their divorce ~

For additional clips and information on today's program, please visit andersoncooper.com by clicking on the hotlink below.

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Anonymous said...

Noticed that Anderson didn't dare ask her about her ex-hubby Ron Pearlman who made her one of the wealthiest women in NYC.
She probably told his producers upfront, don't even go there.
So she appears to have a happy marriage with her other former spouse.
These are such superficial interviews that only touch the surface.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ATA, for the clips. The "revenge porn" topic is a good one and I don't think it would have been difficult to fill a whole hour on this topic; lots of different angles and elements and I'm sure many more questions from the audience.

DWTS and Ellen Barkin don't interest me and I didn't think they were a good mix with the porn topic. It seems like Anderson is not only trying to cover all the bases with a variety of topics each week but a variety of topics in each show.

But if you were an Ellen Barkin fan, would you sit through a porn discussion and DWTS interview to see Barkin? I don't think I would.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Another bad episode of 'Anderson'. The firs segment just seemed like something on Maurry. It was just beneath Anderson. Ellen Barkin was great though. She's an interesting person and I would have liked to have seen more of her on the show.

aries moon said...

Hunter Moore and that woman who posted naked photos of her friends had to be two of the most despicable people ever. I couldn't detect a shred of human decency in either of them.

I like Ellen Barkin, her tweets are profane but funny. She's also smart and a true liberal which makes me like her more.

Anonymous said...

At Jaanza -

The revenge porn topic may have been a good idea in theory, but the way it was executed on 'Anderson' was not good, IMO. Unfortunately, I think the site that Anderson was trying to call out ended up getting more publicity and traffic as a result of the show.

I, also, felt that Anderson kept talking over his quests, often voicing his disgust, instead of letting the quests speak and reveal even more of their disgusting thought process/reasoning in posting to and running such disgusting sites. The execution seemed to be more in the Maury/Springer style, than the Oprah/Donahue style.

While I like Ellen Barkin, I found it strange that they spent more time talking about her Twitter habits, than her recent movie and Broadway performances.

I know the talk show was far from perfect in the beginning, but it seems to be getting worse instead of improving and Anderson seems more uptight, instead of becoming more comfortable in his role of talk show host.

Maybe getting a week off -- will allow Anderson and the producers and staff to come back with a renewed attitude and ideas for how to make the show better.

The whole program just left me shaking my head. Anderson may like to try new things; we all do, but that doesn't make us good at them.

Anonymous said...

Ellen Barkin made the perfect guest and most of the hour should have been focused on HER.
Throwing every subject imaginable into one show is just lazy programming.
Anderson needs to focus on one theme or subject and project continuity so his show flows from one segment to the next.
Everything is too disjointed to make any sense.
He needs to think about his CONTENT if his show is to improve
and give more direction and input.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right.
The show has no direction and is all over the place.
Anderson needs to do the executing and not let his staff members do whatever they want.
He needs to take control.
He is delegating too much responsiblity to others and not getting involved.
The shows did seem to have more direction at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:56 AM - Thanks for your input on this "Anderson" episode. I've actually never seen the show itself, only clips here on ATA. From what little I've seen, I know the show topic selections and Anderson's demeanor need improvement.

Wednesday's "Anderson" is about preparing a Thanksgiving meal. How predictable is that?


Anonymous said...

Saw only the first segment, I had DVRd it and I had to turn it off. It did feel like an episode of Maury and I kept yelling at the TV for Anderson to let the guests finish a sentence.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Anderson on occasion. I keep waiting to see if it improves, but it hasn't so far. I'm not surprised he is interrupting his guests on the daytime show--he does it on 360 too.
I'm disappointed that the daytime show is so disjointed. I'm not a TV producer, but do a lot of programming in other venues. The person who has their name on the door is where the buck stops---if Anderson is the executive producer of the show, then the show reflects his decisions. If he is leaving decisions to others, then the fault of the show is because he is 'phoning in' and not taking care of business or taking the responsibility of the shows direction.

Anonymous said...

We all know what's wrong, but someone needs to tell this to Anderson.
Anderson seems to be the type of personality that blames others for failures.
He blamed his declining 360 ratings on Larry King.
In some markets he has no lead in like the NYC market.
You can't always lean on others to make you stronger.
Saw Ellen today and I have to say, she's an absolute joy to watch.
She profects happiness and her audience projects happiness and it's contagious, even reaching the viewer. And she's consistent.
She dances every day and speaks to her music/dance disc-jockey by allowing him input in every show.
She's inclusive with the viewer, calling people on the phone.
AC MUST analyze those who are successful or he will fail on Fox affiliates in NY as well.
He has no one to blame but himself if he fails.