Friday, November 18, 2011

Anderson: Sperm Donor Reunion. Plus, Hugh Jackman

Anderson's opening from today's show and introduction of his first guests ~

First we met Alanna, an 18 year old girl, and her mom. Alanna's mom told her, at age 12, that her biological father was a donor from a sperm bank. Alanna shared what it was like to hear the news and her mother shared how hard it was to tell her daughter. While searching for her biological father through a donor registry website, Alaana discovered she had a half-brother. Alanna shared her excitement of learning about having a sibling and the friendship the two have formed without yet meeting. 'Anderson' surprised Alanna by introducing her to Zach and his mother for the first time.

In the audience was Wendy Kramer, the Founder of a Donor Sibling Registry. Wendy shared some interesting information on the unregulated sperm bank industry and what it means for the resulting children ~

Hugh Jackman stopped by the 'Anderson' studio to share a cup of coffee. He brought his own and explained why. The two talked about Hugh's family, Anderson's stage manager Kevin (yes, it's the same Kevin 360 viewers got to know from 'Floor Crew Fridays' on AC360) and Hugh's one man show on Broadway, among other things ~

Hugh fulfilled a life long dream of being a talk show host by switching places with Anderson for the "Hugh Jackman Show" and then the two played a game with the audience called "Hugh Done It" ~

Anderson ended the program, hopped up on caffeine ~

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Anonymous said...

Anderson better watch out.
Hugh Jackman seemed more at ease with the audience than Anderson does.
Next thing you know, he'll have his own talkshow.

judy said...

I'm sorry.
On Regis Philbin's last day, I find it REALLY ODD, that Anderson
Cooper, who co-hosted with Kelly, 32 times, was a NO SHOW, when the gang, which included Mike Bloomberg
and Katie Couric, said their good-byes to Regis.
Yes, something happened.
While it may be in AC's contract that he couldn't host the show as long as he had HIS show, you'd think he would have just stopped by, OUT OF COURTESY.
Both have kept this under wraps, but sooner or later it will emerge.
Like Nora Ephron always says,
"There are NO SECRETS."

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked Hugh Jackman on the show today and wish he had been on for the hour. He's a good talk show guest.

@anonymous 10:04pm, I think Hugh Jackman would make a good talk show host. Like you said he seems at ease with the audience and he seems very personable.

Anonymous said...


Anderson is a friend of Kelly's. The 32 times Anderson co-hosted he sat next to Kelly and Regis was not there.

The audience for today's Live was invited and was made of up Regis's friends and family. Katie just did a 20/20 special on Regis that aired this week and he has mentioned her on several occasions -- attending the same functions,etc. And yes, he talks about Mayor Bloomberg and has shown pictures of them attending the same function as well. Do you watch Live on a regular basis?

The last two weeks and especially today have been all about Regis -- as it should be, not Kelly and her friends.

@Anon 10:04, I agree. Hugh knows how to work an audience. He's a multi-talented individual and at ease in front of an audience; something Anderson has not yet mastered.

judy said...

Don't be naive.
It was HIS SHOW.
Not Kelly's and Regis had to give Kelly permission to have AC on as well as anyone else.
Regis was head honcho.
So don't rationalize.
Presumably AC had to be friends with both.

Anonymous said...

I also like Hugh Jackman and he knows his way around an audience because he comes from theater on Broadway.
In fact, I think he will be in something current pretty soon.
He's very likeable and he doesn't have to try. Nothing is forced.
I love Billy Crystal but I would have preferred Hugh Jackman for the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

I know Hugh's hosting segment was suppose to be short, but did anyone else notice that Anderson seemed to end it very abruptly? It seemed he felt uncomfortable with Hugh playing host and he was no longer in control.

sydney said...

I found today's show interesting. I have many friends who have used sperm donors, and at least one has been in contact with other families that used the same donor.

Hugh Jackson is so *hot* and very personable besides! The "Hugh done it?" segment was kind of hokey but fun, and of course I got them all right. :)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:27 -

I noticed the Hugh Jackman hosting segment was ended abruptly. I couple of reason's floated through my head: #1 - Did Anderson/the producers see how much Hugh showed up Anderson in his ability to interact with an audience and the ease he seemed to exude in the role so they quickly ended it? #2 - Was more filmed that day that really accentuated the above so the edited down trying to be less obvious? #3 - Was Anderson just totally uncomfortable in the interviewee role/loss of power - control that is was quickly ended or edited down? #4 Did Hugh ask something Anderson didn't appreciate or Anderson didn't look good with the response he gave so it was edited out and ended? Just lots of possibilities, but one question? Something tells me the producers saw something and told Anderson, through his ear piece, to end it. Or else they didn't like how what they filmed looked on the tape and they edited it post production. It was odd the way it ended so quickly and abruptly.

I know Hugh Jackman is comfortable in front of and working off an audience. He's doing a one man show right now on Broadway.

As much as Anderson says he loves having an audience, he has yet to appear to be relaxed with his audience. I don't expect the same level of ease from him that Hugh has at this point, but the difference was huge -- night and day -- and Anderson doesn't seem to be have improved in the three months he's been doing it. I'm not saying three months is a long time, but one would expect some improvement and I haven't really witnessed any.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that funny?
I didn't even watch the show.
Just the clips from here and I got the exact same feeling?
Jackman was really great and they did edit out a lot.
He really had a great time with AC's audience and yes, Anderson was completely uncomfortable.
I got the feeling he was sorry he had Hugh on!
And I don't mean to be mean spirited, but Hugh Jackman's poise is just outstanding and what Anderson was wearing was totally unappealing. Has he lost his sense of style?
I may be wrong, but I think I read that Hugh Jacksman might be in line for R&K!
His show on Broadway is not one that is long running.