Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anderson - State of Shame: The Penn State Scandal

Today's show was about the scandal at PSU. Anderson's opening ~

Anderson's guests on the couch were:
Patty Coble, Former volunteer for Jerry Sandusky's charity for 10 years
Jessica Sever, Penn State senior, held candlelight vigil for victims
Tammy Lerner, Child abuse survivor, worries about her son at PSU
John Malko, Protested at Penn State game for the victims
Bonnie Bernstein, Sports Journalist

Each guest was given a chance to speak and Anderson asked questions. After a break, Chris Gavagan, Director of "Coached Into Silence" & survivor of sexual abuse and Troy, a man who claims Jerry Sandusky inappropriately touched his leg as a child, joined the others on the couch and spoke with Anderson.

As Anderson stated, there were a lot of Penn State students, faculty and alumni in the audience and some were given a chance to speak. Marci A. Hamilton, a Law Professor and Penn State Graduate, spoke about why she felt the laws in PA needed to be changed. Kayla Balamuta, a student who created "Don't Go Joe" movement on Facebook spoke about her motivation. John Malko spoke up about how the discussion was becoming too involved on the football program and that he was there for the abused kids and Tammy Lerner went on the attack against Kayla Balamuta.

Among the many that spoke from the audience ~

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when this show was taped? The big news today (Tuesday) on the Penn State scandal is the interview Sandusky gave to Bob Costas. I was just wondering if that interview was mentioned at all.

The Penn State scandal is an excellent topic for "Anderson" but when 360 devotes a half-hour to the topic it's too much.


Anonymous said...


It was taped yesterday. Since it was dark out, I'm guessing late afternoon/early evening.

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

This incident points out the need for clarification on who is responsible for calling the police in a situation like this. Paterno reported the incident to his boss, the althetic director, who reported it up the chain of command. With everyone getting fired the message seems to me to be everyone that it got reported to should have called the police. If this is really the expectation of society and the university then that needs to be stated plainly in the rules of employment so people know what they need to do. Most times once you report it to your boss you are done with it - you let the people at the higher pay grades make the decision to call the police or not. I'm not condoning what happened but I think the expectations and responsibilities should be clearly spelled out so there is no question what should happen.