Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anderson: Thanksgiving Dinner with Jamie Oliver & Eric Stonestreet

'Anderson's' first Thanksgiving show was filled with a lot of surprises. Anderson's intro to what the show held in store today ~

First up, Anderson surprised an inspirational military family doing their part for our troops ~

Then a school in the Bronx -- which is in desperate need this holiday season ~

There were other surprises for a couple of audience members; a brother and sister re-union with the help of and a women getting the good news that she had been approved for a Habitat for Humanity home.

"Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet also joined Anderson for to talk about his Thanksgiving charity, revealed his secret family recipe and stuck around to eat ~

World-renowned chef Jamie Oliver tried to teach Anderson how to cook a proper turkey dinner and as always, some silliness ensued ~

The show closed with Anderson and guests sitting down to enjoy a meal ~

For additional clips and information from today's show, please visit by clicking on the hotlink below.

After the Thanksgiving Holiday, we will be changing the format of the talk show post to be more in line with the AC360 post – one picture and a list of topics/guests. I volunteered to take on blogging the talk show for ATA when it started due to other team member’s time constraints, work schedules and the time slots in certain markets. It was our hope that a reader or two would come forward to join the ATA Team and help with blogging the talk show on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that has not happened. With work, the holidays approaching and my other blog responsibilities, I cannot continue to devote the amount of time to the talk show post that I have been, on a daily basis. The talk show web site has recently started posting some full episodes and continues to post clips from each show. The new format will give our readers an overview and a landing for comments along with a link to the 'Anderson' website. If there is a certain segment that catches my interest and I think readers would be interested, I will clip it, like we do with certain AC360 interviews. I am also willing to accept reader requests for a particular segment/guest interview and post it in a special “Reader Request” post within a day or two. I would ask that requests be from readers who identify themselves other than commenting as "anonymous." You may leave reader requests (reasonable please) in the comment section and we will do our best to accommodate the requests we receive. If interest in the talk show increases and readers step forward to help on a consistent basis, we are willing to re-evaluate, but until that happens, we will be moving to the abbreviated post format.

In another note, both the talk show and AC360 are airing re-runs on Thursday and Friday (according to the "Guide" on my TV), so there will be no post for either show until Monday. We will be posting a special series and our normal Saturday and Sunday posts. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday. ~ Wonz

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was better than I thought it would be. The best part by far was Jamie Oliver trying to teach Anderson how to cook. Always funny watching AC trying too cook. The best part was Anderson trying to cook the vegetables in the pan and shaking them all over the place. Love watching him try to cook.

aries moon said...

I enjoyed watching the happy, tearful reactions of the people who were reunited with loved ones and especially the Bronx teacher and the woman who was helping the school and students. Jamie Oliver and Eric Stonestreet also had good segments. It was quite a 180 from Tuesday's show.

Anonymous said...

Did not watch the show but the clips had one theme: Thanksgiving and that should be the way each and every show is from now on.
Jamie Oliver's portion looked like fun. I'm sure the audience enjoyed it as did Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Do aynone have the ability to record and upload torrents of this show?

Living outside of the US so i cant watch it ;_;