Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bits & Pieces for Saturday November 12, 2011

This week on Anderson ~

Monday, Nov. 14
Stop Spending and Start Saving! Plus, Joy Behar

Stop spending and start saving! Anderson has packed the hour with innovative money saving secrets from experts, including how to get things every day for free. Plus, THE VIEW co-host Joy Behar stops by with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson!

Tuesday, Nov. 15
Melissa McCarthy and Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? The Turkey Lady’s Story

Anderson sits down with MIKE AND MOLLY star Melissa McCarthy to discuss everything from her eccentric relationship with her husband, motherhood, her rise to fame and how she maintains a positive body image in the body conscious world of Hollywood. Anderson also speaks to Victoria Ruvolo, who was left in a coma for a month after a group of teenagers threw a frozen turkey at her.

Wednesday, Nov. 16
Children and Teens Caught in the Wrong Bodies

Anderson spends the hour talking to children, who believe they are trapped in the wrong bodies and their parents’ journey to acceptance.

Thursday, Nov. 17
ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIMS Debate: How Do You Feel About Muslims Living In The U.S.?

Anderson explores the controversial new TLC series, ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM, which hasn't aired yet but already has people calling for a boycott of it. Anderson speaks with several cast members, as well as opponents of the show, and has an open discussion about American Muslims living in the U.S. post 9/11.

Friday, Nov. 18
Sperm Donor Reunion & Hugh Jackman

Anderson explores the reality of sperm banks, which often don't limit the amount of donations one sperm donor can make, resulting in children of sperm donors having multiple half-siblings. Superstar Hugh Jackman also stops by and fulfills a lifelong dream by taking over Anderson’s talk show duties for a segment, hosting “The Hugh Jackman Show.”

'Anderson' in the news ~

Talk Show Ratings News:

From Broadcasting & Cable
Syndication Ratings: Syndies Continue to Climb as Sweeps Set In
Among the daytime rookies, Warner Bros.' Anderson was preempted several times for the World Series in large markets, and slipped 7% to a 1.3.

While discussing the upcoming change in channel for 'Anderson' in the NYC market -
Anderson has not performed well in the first two weeks of the current November sweeps. Anderson, in figures obtained by WPIX, had a .5 Household rating, while Adults 25 to 54 registered a .3. By contrast, syndicated talker Bill Cunningham, who airs 1 p.m. on WPIX, notched a 1.1 Household rating and .5 Adults 25 to 54.


While the article is more about Bill Cunningham's show getting renewed it does give us information on how 'Anderson' is doing in three other markets with LA and Chicago being the second and third largest markets behind NYC - LA: Cunningham (0.7 household, 0.3 25-54); Cooper (0.5 household, 0.2 in 25-54). CHICAGO: Cunningham (1.3 household, 0.7 in 25-54); Cooper (0.7 household; 0.3 in 25-54). Note: “Cooper” airs twice on Fox’s WFLD-TV, and each get a 0.3 in 25-54, ”so his two runs don’t equal Bill’s one run doing a .7 in the demo,” Compton says. CINCINNATI: In his hometown, Cunningham (0.7 household rating) doesn’t come close to Cooper (2.6). But station and lead-in are big factors. “Cooper” at 10 a.m. on Channel 12 is third, behind Channel 64′s “The People’s Court” (3.2) and Channel 5′s “Today” show.

This week's syndicated ratings dfom TV By The Numbers

Station Renewal News: There have been a number of articles about the station pick ups/renewals. We felt these were representative.

From Broadcasting & Cable
Exclusive: Warner Bros.' 'Anderson' Renewed for Season Two
The Fox Television Stations have picked up the show in New York, Minneapolis and Tampa and are renewing it in Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, according to Ken Werner, president, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, and Rick Meril, executive VP of WBDTD.

From The Hollywood Reporter
"Anderson" has been picked up for a second year by the Fox stations.
Anderson, the talk show launched in September by Anderson Cooper, has been renewed for a second year by the Fox stations, and elsewhere, including a key upgrade in the crucial New York City market..
The show has done reasonably well in the ratings nationwide, scoring about a 1.4 rating in a recent week, but was not a blockbuster. However, stations have indicated they like the production values and guests, and now Warner Bros. has announced that it will be back for at least the 2012-2013 season, and possibly beyond.
(The article lists all 21 stations that have currently renewed or picked up 'Anderson' for the 2012 season. Please click on the link to see if 'Anderson' has been renewed in your area.)

From The New York Times
Despite Tepid Ratings, ‘Anderson’ Nears Renewal
Anderson Cooper’s two-month-old talk show was effectively renewed for a second season on Wednesday when several big station owners said they had signed up for another year. ... With Fox and the other stations on board, Warner Brothers is virtually guaranteed to go forward with a second season of the show, though there remains a slight chance that the plan will change. The talk show has had tepid ratings, but executives at Warner Brothers say they believe it will grow over time. “We have great faith in ‘Anderson’ and with strong station partners, we believe we are well on the way to creating a valuable news lead-in,” Ken Werner, the president of Warner Brothers’ domestic television distribution arm, said in a statement Wednesday evening. ... Mr. Cooper said in a statement Wednesday evening: “I’m really excited about the decision of these stations and appreciate the support they have shown us. I am enjoying the daytime show tremendously and am looking forward to what lies ahead.”

From Anderson's 10/28 visit to Philly:

Breakfast Club Interview: Anderson Cooper

Newsman and Talk Show Host Anderson Cooper chatted with the Breakfast Club about his life and his new talk show.

From Anderson's 11/11 visit to Dallas:

WFAA: Channel 8
Anderson Cooper Answers Your Questions ~

8 questions with Anderson Cooper
While visiting Dallas for a sit-down dinner with the Jansing family for his new talk show "Anderson," he stopped by the WFAA studios Friday and answered eight questions for the team. (please click on link for the Q & A)

Anderson also was a guest on the KiddKraddick In The Morning Show Radio program this morning. Below are two clips posted to YouTube. To watch the complete interview and/or additional clips please click on the link.

Anderson Cooper's Scariest Moments ~

Anderson Cooper's Sad Thanksgiving Story ~

And apparently stopped by Ruthie's Rolling Cafe. They posted this pic to their Facebook page~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Claire said...

I will be recording Monday's and Tuesday's shows. I like Joy Behar and Melissa McCarthy. But, sperm donors and Hugh Jackman-the same show?? Hmmm.

I'm glad Anderson is hopefully getting more time to improve his show. I really do think he has the potential to have a good show, but it needs a huge revamp. I can actually see him as a calmer, slightly more reserved Phil Donahue. He has the chance, I hope he makes good on it.

Anonymous said...

OT the News & Doc Emmy Awards are on CSpan tonight at 8 PM - wonder if the Silver Fox will show up?

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper doesn't come close to being another Phil Donahue.
Phil was really interested in his audience's opinion.
Anderson could care less.
He just wants people to watch him becasue he's who he is.
However, Cincinnati seems to love him, according to the above article and he can't beat Bill Cunningham??? Duh?
How much more promotion does he need to do!
He has to work a whole lot harder on NY and Chicago, two really big markets.
And most of his shows so far, are subpar. Not the kind of shows a seasoned newsie should be putting on air.

Anonymous said...

'Children and Teens Caught in the Wrong Bodies,' oh my!
Can't wait to see this one.
And he's wondering why he has 'tepdi' ratings.
Bring me Jerry Springer someone.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 12:53

I doubt it. He said on his twitter he'll be at Kathy Griffin's show tonight.

Claire said...

anon@2:37pm, I said I can see Anderson as a version of Phil Donahue. I did not say he was him, or even that he is like him on his show. It was something I could envision.

I don't believe that Anderson expects people to watch his show because he is Anderson. I truly believe that he wanted to be more than he was with just 360 and doing this show takes him out of his comfort zone. Anyone who's ever had to struggle with that knows that it becomes easier and more natural the more you do it. I think he has potential to improve.

Anonymous said...

@Claire: Yes he is out of his comfort zone and so is the viewer who watches him.
Some of his antics on daytime and the subject matter is cringe worthy.
I know he likes to say he enjoys using "all his muscles,' but not all muscles have the same strength.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday's show has been changed. It's now about the Penn State abuse scandal.

Anonymous said...

You can bet if it has to do with Penn State, he's updating and it's segments that have already been aired on 360.
Wednesday's line up should also be replaced.
Every show should have one topic, not three to fill air time.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Donahue back in the day and enjoyed it. He was relevant for his time and had topics about what was going on then, just take a look at You Tube and you'll see he had people like Marilyn Manson, Milton Friedman and Lucille Ball on, but he also did shows about Cancer. However, if you look at the audience you will see the average person in the audience, the guy with the Father Knows Best sweater and the lady with the frizzy perm, not the "beautiful" person who will look good on camera.

Right now I am watching a video from the old Donahue show about Club Kids, it is quite interesting.
Phil went to the street and talked about the people who walk them every day, the average American with a dusting of celebrity. He may have been actively involved in the show like the time he wore a skirt, but the show wasn't about him per se.

So what does this have to do with Anderson? Well, while times have changed there are still topics out there that can be talked about. With a show about transgender why not talk about the Trevor Project, we've all heard about it, but what is it exactly and what about the "It gets better campaign" how has it affected people, or has it?

AC go to the streets, talk to middle America, what is going on with them. Get someone controversial on your show, get a dialog started and show us you are still the Anderson Cooper who bitch slapped Mary Ladreau.

Check out Donahue on YouTube there are some great videos there.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17 A why should Wednesday's show be replaced. Are you afraid of the topic, many people face this situation in real life and some are even murdered for it. Like it or not it hould be talked about - if you don't like it DON'T WATCH.

Anonymous said...

@Dee Dee - you make some good points but I'd like to add a couple more:

- I don't know what Phil Donahue did before the "Donahue" show but I'm guessing when the show started it took a little while for Phil to find his groove. Maybe that took a month, maybe a year. But afterwards he was fantastic.

- I have to look at those old Donahue shows on YouTube. Right now all I can remember is the show about welfare and the one (the commercial, actually) with Liberace; an audience member asked Liberace, "I was just wondering why you didn't wear one of your flashy outfits." Liberace (in a normal shirt and suit jacket) replied, "You have to pay to see those."

Anderson has had some good "Anderson" shows but he hasn't found his daytime groove yet.


judy said...

I don't have to watch the old shows on Utube. I was around when Phil met and married Marlo from his show.
Phil was interested in the VIEWER.
Anderson is not.
Anderson is interested in making a mark for himself in daytime.
Phil always included the viewers by phone.
Anderson knows this because he said the phrase: "Caller are you there," when Phil was on his show.
Anderson is resistant to this idea, even though now is the time, more than ever before to be inclusive, and not exclusive.
Until he acknowledges 'the viewer'
through live phone calls, he is not Donahue and he will not "find his groove."