Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flashback Thursday: Anderson Cooper - Wassup?

On Wednesday's 'Anderson' during Mr. Cooper's interview with Toni Braxton - the two talked about a shared unique ability to make a four-leaf clover with their tongues ~

Long time fans knew of Anderson's hidden talent. On a Conan O'Brien appearance in 2008, Anderson called it an "Internet Rumor" but we dug deep into our archives and found video from Anderson's WNN days showing a glimpse of his tongue in that "crazy four leaf clover" shape.

From our Sunday, July 18, 2010 post ~

Flipping through the June 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine, I saw an article titled, "This Billionaire's Wife Wants Your Spit."

A sub heading read, "Wojcicki's 'spit parties' have drawn the likes of Anderson Cooper and Rupert Murdhoch." and I had to read more ~

Still, Wojcicki isn't afraid to leverage her VIP Rolodex to promote her business. Her "spit parties" have drawn the likes of Ivanka Trump, Anderson Cooper, Rupert Murdoch, and Harvey Weinstein (the last two are investors). She coaxed media titan Barry Diller into trying to curl his tongue (a genetic trait) at the annual Allen & Co. moguls' powwow in Sun Valley, Idaho, two years ago. Diller couldn't do it. "But Anderson Cooper can do this crazy four-leaf clover," she adds excitedly.

To read the full article, click here.

A search turned up this clip from Anderson's appearance on Conan O'Brien in September of 2008, where he classifies it as an Internet rumor.

And digging deep into the achieves -- from Anderson's days at WNN -- we get a glimpse of his tongue in that "crazy four leaf clover" shape ~

In case you missed it -- photographic proof!

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