Saturday, November 19, 2011

Next Week On Anderson 11/21/11

Monday, Nov. 21
Monster-In-Laws and Hottest Holiday Trends with NeNe Leakes
Anderson takes a look at an unexpected side effect of the recession, as more families are borrowing money from their in-laws and moving back in with their parents. Also, Anderson learns about the hottest holiday trends with REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA star NeNe Leakes.

Tuesday, Nov. 22
Private Lives Exposed, Ellen Barkin and the Latest DANCING WITH THE STARS Cast-Off Hope Solo
Anderson looks at the shocking new online trend called revenge porn, where private lives are exposed by bitter exes who post sexual photos on the Internet to get revenge. Plus, actress Ellen Barkin (Ocean’s Thirteen) stops by to discuss her addiction to twitter and co-parenting with an ex, and the latest cast off from DANCING WITH THE STARS, Hope Solo stops by.

Wednesday, Nov. 23
Thanksgiving Dinner with Jamie Oliver and Eric Stonestreet
It's Anderson’s first Thanksgiving show featuring world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver who stops by and teaches Anderson how to cook a proper Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Plus, Anderson sits down with MODERN FAMILY star Eric Stonestreet.

Thursday, Nov. 24
Abandoned at Birth: Baby Jane Doe and Miraculous Mary
Anderson speaks with two 24-year-old women who have miraculously remained resilient after facing some of the most extreme cases of neglect and abandonment as children.

Friday, Nov. 25
Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld
For the first time ever, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld appear on stage together on a television show. The Seinfeld’s discuss their family, Jerry’s disdain for reality TV, twitter and more. Anderson also surprises Jerry with longtime friend, comedian George Wallace (SCRUBS), who served as best man at his wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a celebrity filled week!
We even have Ellen Barkin, Ron Pearlman's cast off wife who got millions from marrying the Revlon mogul.
Seems like Anderson knows all the moguls. Hmm and his first show is about living on a fixed income with relatives.
Something he cannot relate to and knows nothing about.
How about putting Ellen Barkin on on Monday. She knows what's it's like to be poor I'm sure.
And when everything else fails, bring on the Seinfelds.
Weren't they on already on one of AC's first shows??
Personally, I'm waiting for AC's mogul friend, Barry Diller.
He can talk about living on a fixed income and making ends meet too.
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to go into the audience and actually speak to REAL people who and asking THEM, for insite into family living and living within a budget.
But NO. And this is how Anderson thinks he's relating.
Bringing on multi-millionaires like himself to talk about what exactly???
How they're forced to live within their means??
Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

NeNe Leakes....Anderson's fav.
If you are a watcher of HWOA, NeNe is about to buy a 9 million dollar house because she has many 'speaking engagements," from being on Celebrity Apprentice.
She and Anderson now have something in common.
They're both in love with their celebrity.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:36

I think they're doing re-runs.

Anonymous said...

This is really getting ridiculous - Jamie Oliver showing Americans how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey(somebody must have a new book coming out) The Seinfelds' show is a repeat so been there done that.

Anon 7:36 let's say the show is now geared to the 1% snd not us the 99%.

Anonymous said...

That must explain why Anderson is not sympathetic to OWS.
Never thought about it, but he is part of the 1% isn't he, as is all of his friends.

Anonymous said...

It can't all be reruns because the list has Hope Solo on from DWTS and that is recent.
Not that I want to see her.
Never voted for her and I'm glad she's gone. I'd rather see her partner Maks.
Maybe AC can teach first grade with her like he did Chaz Bono.
Now there's a challenge.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:56

They aren't all reruns. Just Thursday and Friday. At least for now.

Phebe said...

November sweeps are over on Wednesday Nov. 23rd. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are new programs for the talk show. Thursday and Friday are repeats.

Anonymous said...

It's Thanksgiving this week and I do believe Anderson needs a break too, doesn't he folks? A lot of shows have reruns.