Saturday, November 26, 2011

Next Week on 'Anderson' November 28, 2011

Monday, Nov. 28
Melissa McCarthy and Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? The Turkey Lady’s Story

Anderson sits down with MIKE AND MOLLY star Melissa McCarthy to discuss everything from her eccentric relationship with her husband, motherhood, her rise to fame and how she maintains a positive body image in the body conscious world of Hollywood. Anderson also speaks to Victoria Ruvolo, who was left in a coma for a month after a group of teenagers threw a frozen turkey at her.

Tuesday, Nov. 29
Dad Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery, Bullying PSA, Anderson Works at Boston Market

Anderson examines the new trend of parents gifting their children plastic surgery and questions the message being sent about beauty. Plus, 13-year-old singing sensation, Savannah Robinson, surprises a bullying victim and debuts her bullying PSA. Anderson continues his “Try This” segment by working at his favorite lunch place, Boston Market.

Wednesday, Nov. 30
Tracey Gold, Teacher Abuse Caught on Tape and Elton John

Anderson sits down with actress Tracey Gold (GROWING PAINS), who details her lifelong battle with anorexia. Anderson also speaks with the 14-year-old special needs student who recorded her teachers abusing and bullying her. Plus, superstar Elton John stops by with the surprise of a lifetime for one of his super fans!

Thursday, Dec. 1
Hoarders and How to Clutter Free Your Life

Anderson meets a woman whose hoarding ways are destroying her family. Plus, organizing expert Justin Klosky is on hand to teach viewers how to organize and live a clutter free life.

Friday, Dec. 2
Michael Pearl and Extreme Child Discipline, Plus “Miracle Dog” and Healthy Cooking with Rocco DiSpirito

Anderson speaks with Michael Pearl, the controversial preacher who claims in his book, To Train Up A Child, that God wants you to spank your children. Also, Anderson meets “Miracle Dog” Daniel, a beagle mix who survived an Alabama dog pound gas chamber. Anderson also learns how to prepare healthy dishes with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

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Anonymous said...

First, I've never watched a complete "Anderson" - only the clips here on ATA. Actually it's been years since I've watched any daytime TV outside of "Judge Judy." So take my criticism as coming from someone who's not totally in the loop.

Second, I hate all. the multi-topic shows. It's like Anderson has ADHD or thinks his audience does and hardly anyone nowadays will sit through a whole hour on one subject.

There are several good topics in the upcoming week that could be expanded into hour-long shows.

For example, the "Turkey Lady" story expanded with others in the same situation or with those who cannot forgive.

"Plastic Surgery on the Young" - interview more teens who have had plastic surgery and also older people who have had it at that age.

"Bullying PSA" - of course you can fill an hour on this. Same with "Teacher Abuse", "Elton John", child discipline.

The story about the "Miracle Dog" could also talk about spaying and neutering, overcrowded and underfunded shelters and irresponsible breeders.

It just feels like Anderson wants to appeal to everyone at once and is settling for covering these topics too thinly, without enough depth.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson working at Boston Market - a segment that could be expanded to discuss fast food workers,
fast food industry and the quality of fast food.


Anonymous said...

Tracey Gold is old news, will she talk about her drunk driving fiasco? I will watch EJ, Melissa McCarthy(Suki from GG)

Anonymous said...

What talk show has all of these topcis thrown together?
All of them should be done in depth
and by trying to please every demographic alive, Anderson pleases nobody.
Calling a woman who lost half her face 'the turkey woman' is demeaning.
This would be a perfect topic for animal control and do we really want to see Anderson imitate someone who works at Boston Market?
If he wants to delve into labor related issues than why not bring on the author of 'Nickel and Dimed' to discuss those that have to work for the minimum wage?
Seeing Anderson at Boston Market working, like a day laborer, is like watching him "teach first grade." Really??
Seeing him work at these jobs that pay minimum wage, is like saying, "Gee this is really hard. Glad I don't have to do it!"

Anonymous said...

@ Judy I'm not sure the turkey thing would be perfect for animal control. It was a store bought, frozen turkey. But I get what you and others mean by expanding on topics.

It seems like he has a core set of topics that he goes through. Bullying, abuse, food, random celeb, random topic for the last 15 minutes that has nothing to do with what he was talking about before.

Also if you're gonna do a whole bunch of segments, at least try and do a decent segue.


DeeDee said...

Update on Tracey Gold she's promoting her new book - she was on GMA this morning.

judy said...

@Cas: You're right.
I got her confused with "the chimp," but all these topics thrown together are confusing enough for anybody.

judy said...

While I really do like Rocco Despirito I can't see watching him along with the "miracle dog."
Anderson is a smart person.
Why can't he see that unrelated topics just turn people off?