Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Series 11/13/11

February 27, 2009 Anderson Cooper was back co-hosting on Live with Regis and Kelly. This time around the host chat topics were AC and Kelly's recent quiz competitions, President Obama's dog search, American Idol, what to do if your dog eats chocolate, bed bugs, more mattress talk, buying bedding and Wheel of Fortune.

Host Chat Part 1:

Host Chat Part 2:

Tom Selleck:

Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg and The Inbox:

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Love Aderson talking about his distress tying to buy bedding. He's probbaly a bedding store sales person dream customer...LOL! As always very funny to watch Anderson attempt cooking, especially cutting up an onion!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the local paper that this is Regis Philbin's final week and he has invited many of his former friends and guests to say good-bye.
Guess whose name was not on the list?
Something tells me Regis and AC did not part ways is a friendly manner.
Even when asked directly about Regis's retirement, AC spoke only of his fondness for Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Regis is jealous of Anderson meaning Kelly is good friends with Anderson and perhaps would like to have Anderson be Regis' relacement.

Anonymous said...

This is mere speculation, but if Regis wanted Anderson to be his replacement, he would have let Disney know way ahead of time about his choice.
I think the opposite was true.
But having said that, he never thought Anderson would have his own talk show.
None of the other day hosts seem overly delighted with Anderson's show, or for that matter, Anderson.
It's the whole idea that he invaded their territory and he had the idea it was sooo easy!

Anonymous said...

You would think that after co-hosting 32 times, anderson would appear on R&K in Regis's final week, if he's invited.
I'm certain Kelly already extended the invitation.

Anonymous said...

I think what many are missing is the fact that Anderson is a friend to Kelly, not Regis. This final week of shows is about Regis, not Kelly.

The line up of guests is Don Rickles, Donald Trump, Tony Bennett, David Letterman. If you watch Live, you know that Reigs is friends with these people and talks about them regularly. If Anderson was guest co-hosting Regis wasn't around or inter-acting with him. I've never heard either man mention doing anything socially with the other.

I'm not surprised at all that Anderson isn't a guest this week and I don't think him starting his own talk show has anything to do with it. That being said, it is a little odd that he hasn't done one of the pre-recorded well wishes that Live has been airing for several weeks. Maybe he'll pop up yet as there are four days left.

Anonymous said...

The show is Regis's show.
If he likes you, you're in.
If he is displeased with you, you're out.
It's that simple, and until he leaves Regis IS head honcho.
If anderson fails to make an appearance or wish Regis well, something happened.
It was that way with Joan Rivers and Johny Carson.
Once you're on the s..t list, you stay there.