Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AC360 on Wednesday 12/14


HAZING INVESTIGATION: SEEKING ACCOUNTABILITY Did Florida A&M ignore warning signs? Report by Jason Carroll
Follow up discussion with Ricky Jones and Roland Martin

ROMNEY GOES AFTER GINGRICH Hits rival on Tiffany's bill, conservative credentials: Discussion with David Gergen and Gloria Borger

DEMS EXPECTED TO CAVE ON TAXES Boehner, Reid, McConnell meet over impasse: Report by Kate Bolduan

360 BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

REMAINS OF MISSING WOMAN POSSIBLY FOUND 24-year old Shannan Gilbert last seen in May 2010: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with John Walsh


360 BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST: Banner to Nowhere

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Apparently the band at Florida A&M has major issues concerning hazing. They need to suspend the entire band. There is no reason for hazing to be going on like it has been.

judy said...

Susan Hendricks is back again, so the question is: Where is Isha?
She can't constantly be on vacation?

Anonymous said...

The tragic college hazing story is serious and important but it's not really a "lead" story, big enough to start the newscast. I don't want to diminish what the students and their families went through, however the two political stories (Republican possible nominee squabbles and the tax story) should have come first.

I liked John Walsh's input about the Long Island serial killer and The Ridiculist was just about perfect (although Anderson could have just shown that picture of the plane above *closed* Cowboy Stadium and that would have been enough).


judy said...

Hazing is a ritual that should be done away with completely, from ALL campuses, no matter where they are.
If any college or educational institution receives federal funding, and is involved in an injustice that was caused by "hazing," all federal grant money should be eliminated.
You'd see how fast this "traditional rites of passage, at every higher school of learning," would stop.
Like everything else, it has gotten completely out of hand and is an excuse to act improperly, even to murder.