Thursday, December 01, 2011

Anderson: Hoarders & How to Free Your Life from Clutter

First Topic: Hording
Guests: A woman whose hoarding is destroying her family. Both her husband and daughter are on stage with her and confront her in an attempt to make her change her hoarding ways.
Dr. Rebecca Beaton, psychologist & leading hoarding expert
Elizabeth, Spokeswoman for Children of Hoarders

Second Topic: Organizing to live a clutter-free life
Guest: Justin Klosky, organizing expert

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Anonymous said...

I know the woman has psychological problems, but god I wanted to shake her for what she was doing to her family, especially her daughter. My Grandmother lived with me until she died and after she passed away I went down to the fruit cellar and found stacks of empty margarine containers and twist ties among other things - she once said since she was raised during the Depression and learned to save everything. But like I said before the woman on today's show has a sickness, but I hope she does get help.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was OK. The woman who hoards and keeps buying junk instead of saving the money so her daughter can have the dental work she needs is ridiclous. Buying junk should not come before a family member's health needs.

Anonymous said...

Why did Anderson need to do a show about compulsive hoarders? There are two or three series on cable about hoarders already.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of clutter, has anyone checked out the anderson site?
There's practically no recent video, which costs money to update
on a consistent basis.
Just pix of past shows and dull topics and suggestions on how to get tickets.
R&K had an active site.
Each daily co-host chat was updated
in case you missed it.
Oprah did the same thing but in bits and pieces.
If you want and interesting site, you have to make it interactive and entertaining.
This site is just like the show it seems: Unappealling and uh can you say cluttered.

Anonymous said...

So how many more TLC shows is 'Anderson' going to promote? If I wanted to watch an episode of hoarders, I would have turned on TLC.

Once again, the interesting part, the organizational tips one might find useful, was cut to a minute or two with references to the website, where they make money per hit...

Noonan has ties to TLC; maybe that's the connection? And apparently the show needs to be more profitable, thus all the references to the website with advertising....

Anonymous said...

I find the show dull and ridiculous, with only an occasional topic or guest that I will watch. I DVR the shows and then delete them at the end of the week, without watching any of them most of the time. I am very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

2:44AM: You have hit upon something very interesting indeed...the connection between Noonan and TLC.
Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

@3:19PM: You are adding to Anderson's ratings even though you are disappointed with his shows.
Anything that is taped is now counted as positive.
If you want to show negativity, do not watch.
That is the only way the show will

Phebe said...

We need to do some Keeping Them Honest ourselves today. It seems in some commenters haste to bash Anderson or 360 they run a little fast and loose with the facts.

@anonymous 2:44AM, I checked my recording and the organizational expert was brought on at the 38 minute mark and his information was featured for the remainder of the program. That's hardly a 'few minutes'.

@anonymous 1:45 AM, Nielson tracks Live-Plus-Same-Day, Live-Plus-Three and Live-Plus-Seven. I don't believe that your statement of 'anything that is taped is now counted as positive' is entirely accurate.

We’ve let a lot of false information slide in comments lately because we just don’t like being the comment Gestapo. Please people police yourselves and try to fact check before posting a statement that might be misleading to those who don’t have time or the opportunity to watch Anderson’s programs.

@Jaanza, AC's new executive producer has a history of producing TLC/reality programs and seems to draw much of his inspiration from that channel's programming. So in addition to Toddlers and Tiaras, Hoarding and Sister Wives I’m expecting maybe a live birth next, ala Baby Story?

Anonymous said...

@Phebe: Thank you for your attempt at clarification on the DVR taping.
I don't think we all understand the "the live plus 3, live plus 7 means.
If you could further explain this it would be helpful.
TV Guide did have a short article on the usefulness of DVR's and taping, which is now included in rating any show.
I don't think we are rushing to bash Anderson.
If he was putting on a good show, most of us would realize this and be the first to congratulate him.
And it was the ATA Team in fact that posted the David Letteman bit, which was not exactly presenting Anderson in the best lite. The rest, was just a reaction to it.