Thursday, December 08, 2011

'Anderson' Ratings News

Ratings information this week is all about the sweeps period. Please click on the links to put the 'Anderson' ratings information in context with his competition. Also, remember that 'Anderson' has been hovering around 1.3/1.4 for the last few weeks now. While the percentage increase sounds impressive; that was from his week one 1.1 rating. (When numbers are small, percentages can be misleading.) Also, we have not been able to find any numbers for 'Anderson' in the key demos while the Broadcasting & Cable article does list them for some of the other leading talk shows.

From Broadcasting & Cable ~

Syndication Ratings: Regis' Exit Drives 'Live!' to First Place in the November Sweep

The November sweep ran from Oct. 27 through Nov. 23....
Warner Bros.' Anderson improved 27% from its first-week debut in September to a 1.4 sweep average

From the Hollywood Reporter ~

Regis Philbin's Departure Pushes 'Live!' to Syndicated Sweep Victory, 'Dr. Phil' Still Tops for Season

Among shows that debuted this season, Anderson starring Anderson Cooper was tops for sweeps with a 1.4 rating, which is also his season to date average. That is 1.8 million viewers. That means his show has improved since its debut week compared to the sweeps period by 27%.

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. Telepictures announced that The Allbritton station group is the latest to renew the one-hour talk show for a second season. That means Anderson is now set to air in more than 89% of the country for its second season beginning in Sept. 2012.

From the Washington Post ~

‘Anderson’ renewed

Allbritton’s television stations have renewed Telepictures’s new Anderson Cooper talk show, “Anderson,” for a second season. Those stations include Washington’s ABC affiliate, WJLA, which gave “Anderson” our city’s plum “Oprah” time slot — weekdays at 4 p.m.

It’s unclear whether “Anderson” will air in the time slot when it returns on WJLA in the fall.

WJLA recently bought Katie Couric’s new daytime talk show, which will debut in the fall. Disney, which is producing that show, hopes Couric will become the new Oprah.

According to a source who has knowledge of the situation, the Allbritton “Anderson” renewal deal includes “9 to 6” wording, meaning the show must air some time in that range — no late-night or crack-of-dawn time slots allowed. But there’s talk that the show might be moved to 3 to make room for “Katie” at 4, creating an interesting “Anderson”/“Katie” block.

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Anonymous said...

I really have no interest in Anderson's day time show.
It is poorly done and doesn't hold my interest or anyone I know.
I'm often at the gym when he is on, and they always have Ellen on.
And no one has yet even asked to have the channel changed.

Anonymous said...

So Anderson does as good as Jerry Springer.
A big so what.
He will never get 3 million viewers.
He doesn't even get them on 360.
Dr.Phil and Ellen will always beat him and Fox will put him on at 3 just so he can survive.
A big fat waste of talent.
And Katie has Disney.
ABC knew Anderson was no great shakes to begin with.

Cate said...

I think you should stop the "Anonymous" posts. Some of these people are just trolls..... and assholes.