Thursday, December 08, 2011

Anderson: Steve Harvey's Relationship Secrets Revealed, Anderson's Family Dinner Challenge Winners

First Topic: Dating & Relationship Advice
Guest: Steve Harvey

Second Topic: 'Anderson' Family Dinner Challenge Winners
Video was shown of Anderson"Skyping" with winners from around the country and at one family's home. The winners from the NYC area were in the studio and showed Anderson how to make pizza dough;a family recipe.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was pretty bad. None of it interested me. And tomorrow doesn't look much better.

MichellenLomita said...

Since the new show debut I've tried not to post too many negative comments, as that was wasted effort with 360. Not watching helps keep the lid on, but reading Thur. preview on his blog compelled me to say something. A whole show with Steve Harvey "Act like a lady, think like a man", and more of the same coming up Tue. I won't look at the video and somehow found the blog description provoking, as well as the photo of Harvey and Anderson laughing it up. Anderson is a unique talent and I really like him, but wish he'd do an engaging program that doesn't stir negative emotion. It's not him; he seems a sweet, compassionate, interesting person; it's the shows' content. With other favorite personalities I simply tune in and relax; AC's on two shows; 360 I gave up on, and this new one view only short clips and hardly ever. Other fans seem to experience this too; don't know what's up with that.

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

I enjoyed the show today. Steve Harvey was funny and the only people that he talked on was MEN. Having a long association with the male of our world I have to say that Harvey said a lot of things I found out years ago. I still found it funny - his delivery was great.

I have never understood why it is such a big deal that AC is doing a talk show. Brian Williams is doing two shows now too - its called Rock Center and comes on once a week on Monday. Its news oriented and very good, but I don't think that being a reporter dictates that reporting is the only thing you can do in life. Its interesting to try new things and learn new things - whether Anderson is successful or not with his show I'm sure he will come away from it with more self knowledge than he had when he started.

Anonymous said...

I've been following Anderson since he reported on Hurricane Katrina. In my opinion, his talk show is disappointing. What most of us liked about Anderson was his compassion, sweetness, and down to earth persona. One thing that stands out: he said many times that he didn't care for celebrities and that he didn't know what to say to them. Now it seems he's just as in awe of them as the rest of us. He's having more and more episodes filled with celebrities and not because the show is about loss or another problems and the celebrity du jour had the same problem.

Maybe it's because he's overworked, but he doesn't have the compassion and interest in people that he used to. Now it seems he doesn't care about anybody's pain unless it's a segment on his program and will help his ratings.

aries moon said...

I liked this episode, there was a lot of laughter and weirdness. AC and Steve seemed to be having a blast. I also enjoyed the Family Dinner Challenge clips but wish they could've been a little longer.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed today's talk show. Steve Harvey is hilarious and whenever I've heard him speak about his books, I've found what he says about men to be pretty much spot on.

I found it interesting that Steve asked Anderson where his suit was. I've noticed that the guests are often dressed better than Anderson!
After seeing Anderson wear the same clothes in three of the four episodes that aired this week - I'm questioning the attention to detail of the production staff. I know the shows are taped and over a period of days, but someone should be paying attention to such details, IMO.

I think Anderson will have some stiff competition next Fall when Steve's talk show hits the airwaves. He's much more relaxed and authentic and his delivery is great. It seemed to me like he was practically hosting the show today.

One other thing that stuck out to me was that the audience participants in the game played on today's show were given a copy of Steve's book; while the three women from the audience that participated in the game with the cast of Hot In Cleveland were each given a Cruise. Not sure who decides the participation gifts, but that's a pretty huge disparity.

@Suzanne - I don't have a problem with Anderson having a talk show. My issue is mostly with content and the random segments thrown together in some shows. IMO today was a much better show than many that have aired, but I think Steve was a large part of that, along with the majority of the show being devoted to the one topic. Quite frankly, the family dinner part didn't fit, and I would have preferred the whole hour be given to Steve and the one topic.

I'm well aware that Brian Williams is doing a second show. I've watched every episode of Rock Center and love it. I would love to see Anderson do a show more in that vain than many of the silly daytime topics he's covering, but I'm a newsie. That's what attracted me to Anderson in the first place, his skills as a reporter. When he was describing his talk show this summer I had expectations that he would elevate the daytime discussion. For example, maybe sit down with some reporters and authors covering world news in depth from time to time; a follow up on Haiti, the famine in Somalia, etc. Guess my expectations were too high as his show seems to be typical daytime, nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Anderson does not have an animated personality.
Oprah had an animated personality.
Ellen has an animated personality.
Some people are born performers.
He is not. He is a journalist trying to be something he isn't.
That is the difference.
Neil Patrick Harris also has an animated personality and was able to do much better hosting Anderson's show.
Again, he's a performer, from theater.
Just because you want to do something and have the opportunity, doesn't mean you are fit to do it.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 Amen!

Anonymous said...

Anderson worked well with Kelly Ripa, maybe he needs someone to play off of or more time to feel comfortable as a solo host. He may not be the greatest daytime host in the world, but I don't think it was wrong of him to try to expand his horizons or take a risk. That's actually admirable. Life is about taking risks even if things don't turn exactly how you want them or how others think they should.

Anonymous said...

1:39AM: Couldn't have said it better.
We used to think he was the REAL deal.
Now he's just another "deal," and anybody who has been out shopping knows they're are a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked this Anderson. There was nothing deep about it, but it was funny. I also liked how it wasn't just some 15 minute segment followed by someone who had something horrible happen to them. It was light and fluffy. But I kind of wish we had seem more of the family dinner challenge. Despite the fact that he spent in between 30-60 with everyone and we only say like 30 seconds each.

@ Anon 2:08
Not entirely true (while all the people you listed are true). I don't think a talk show is an all animated personality thing. For example the The Megan Mullally Show. That lady can do anything performance wise... not a talk show. Also people like Conan weren't very good when they started. I'm gonna give Anderson a bit more time. And maybe an improv class.


Anonymous said...

@Cas: With all due respect, Anderson IS a journalist, not a performer.
That will not change.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:57 AM

I never said anything about him being a performer. I was pointing out that even people who uaually perform can't always rely on their ability. Acting and talk show host for some people are worlds apart. Some actors unless they are talking about themselves or reading a teleprompter find it hard to connect with a live audience and interact.

You don't have to be a performer to captivate an audience. Just because you are a performer doesn't mean you can host a show. And just because you're a journalist doesn't mean you can't.

I know someone who went from an office job one day to acting the other. Hes doing amazing now. He had to be taught from the ground up but he had the right people around him which is why he is where he is now. I'm not sure Anderson has that. I mean how many of his producers have worked with someone who has NEVER done this before? Lisa Morin was with Oprah for 15 years. But Oprah was already established by then.

At the time being I don't think Anderson is a stellar host but I'm willing to give him a shot. He has potential. Here's the thing. The man does have a charming personality. But at this point he seems more comfortable being himself when he has a safety net (Someone he's comfortable around, or someone who almost gives him permission to be silly and relax). I also feel like the producers need to nut up and just tell him to "Relax the hell up" and "Let's stop making shows that go in all sorts of wacky directions". And if they are convinced there isn't a problem they need to watch his show at home for a week.

Honestly a improv class would do him wonders. It has nothing to do with being a performer. It all has to do with learning how to trust and follow your instincts, also thinking fast on your feet, and making it all seem natural.