Saturday, December 17, 2011

Next Week On Anderson 12/19/11

Monday, Dec. 19
Angelina Jolie and the Cast of In the Land of Blood and Honey
In a daytime exclusive, superstar Angelina Jolie spends the hour with Anderson in an intimate conversation about her family, Brad Pitt, her new movie, the paparazzi and much more.

Tuesday, Dec. 20
Jane Fonda and Professor Charged With Serving Minors
Anderson speaks with legendary actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda. Anderson also chats with a professor who was charged with 44 counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors after teenagers were found drinking in his home.

Wednesday, Dec. 21
Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and the Cast of We Bought a Zoo
Anderson is joined by the entire star-studded cast of We Bought a Zoo including Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Hayden Church and Elle Fanning.

Thursday, Dec. 22
Meet the Johnstons: The Real Life Seven Dwarfs
Anderson speaks with two unconventional families with uncommon physical challenges who both believe that a positive attitude helps them persevere through life’s struggles. Meet the real life seven dwarfs and the remarkable teenage boy with a backwards leg.

Friday, Dec. 23
Anderson’s Holiday Show
It's Anderson’s first holiday show jam-packed with surprises! Plus, a surprise for Santa and Anderson’s biggest giveaway ever!

Monday, Dec. 26
Anderson’s New Year’s Eve Show with Kathy Griffin and Gloria Vanderbilt
It’s Anderson’s first New Years show with special guests Gloria Vanderbilt and Kathy Griffin. Gloria and Kathy take viewers along on their shopping trip for New Years Eve and share their outfit picks for this year. Plus, Patrick Dempsey surprises the real life GREY’S ANATOMY heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because everyone will be busy with the holidays, but I find that this week is one I will probably skip. Except for Jane Fonda I find the other guests to be boring or someone I don't want to see - Kathy Griffin and I don't care if Ms Gloria is on it doesn't interest me in the least. Maybe, just maybe next year will be better, but I highly doubt it.

One topic for the hour would be the way to go, it worked for Phil and it worked for Oprah. Anderson should quit trying so hard and just relax when he talks to a guest, it might make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Remind me not to watch this entire celebrity filled week.
This is not the Anderson we once knew.
Why doesn't he just build a shrine to celebrities and move to LA.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's mostly single-topic shows which is an improvement. Except for Tuesday, there's Jane Fonda and a professor who gave alcohol to kids; I'd love it if Fonda stayed on stage while the professor was being interviewed and could also ask questions.

If "Anderson" is going to have multi-topic shows, why not have everybody out there at once? An abusing teacher and Betty White on the couch together and see what kind of conversation they have. Or Heidi Klum with the little people. Or Steve Harvey with sperm donor siblings.

Next week's show with Kathy Griffin and mom Gloria sounds like it's going to be really cheesy. Gloria is a wonderful lady and of course she loves Anderson, why else would she be on a show that's basically an hour-long ad for CNN's New Year's Eve special? Cheesy cheesy Velveeta cheesy.


judy said...

Jaanza, you are right.
Actually everyone is right.
But having Gloria on again, even though I like her too, is really too much of a good thing.
What other show host uses his mother like this??
Of course she's doing it because she wants him to succeed. But for years he hardly mentioned her, and now every other show.
Ellen's mother sits in the audience but she rarely says anything about her and that's fine and in good taste.
Gloria's appearance with Griffin, is not.