Saturday, December 24, 2011

Next Week On Anderson 12/26/11

Monday, December 26

Anderson’s New Year’s Eve Show with Kathy Griffin and Gloria Vanderbilt
It’s Anderson’s first New Years show with special guests Gloria Vanderbilt and Kathy Griffin. Gloria and Kathy take viewers along on their shopping trip for New Years Eve and share their outfit picks for this year. Plus, Patrick Dempsey surprises the real life GREY’S ANATOMY heroes.

Tuesday, December 27

Sperm Donor Reunion & Hugh Jackman
Anderson explores the reality of sperm banks, which often don't limit the amount of donations one sperm donor can make, resulting in children of sperm donors having multiple half-siblings. Superstar Hugh Jackman also stops by and fulfills a lifelong dream by taking over Anderson’s talk show duties for a segment, hosting “The Hugh Jackman Show.”

Wednesday, December 28

Hoarders and How to Clutter Free Your Life
Anderson meets a woman whose hoarding ways are destroying her family. Plus, organizing expert Justin Klosky is on hand to teach viewers how to organize and live a clutter free life.

Thursday, December 29

Mark Wahlberg Returns to His Hometown. Anderson speaks with Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg about an epidemic affecting high school students. Current statistics reveal one-third of all high school students drop out before graduation.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Anderson spends the hour exploring why we eat what we eat, including the odd patterns many people have with food consumption. For the first time in his life, Anderson tries spinach, Brussels sprouts and coffee.

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Brian Westley said...

Everybody takes time off between Christmas and New Year's so I'm not surprised by the Tuesday - Friday repeats.

Anderson will also be away from 360, right?

Even though Monday is a new show, I still don't like it. It seems like an hour-long commercial for Anderson's New Year's Eve show on CNN.

Looking forward to seeing what "Anderson" will have in the new year.


Anonymous said...

Only Monday seems worthy of viewing.
The rest is one big ole' yawn.