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Odds & Ends - December 8, 2011

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Anderson Cooper's model arrives

A mysterious crate marked "FRAGILE" arrived in the AC360° newsroom today (Wednesday). For hours the staff waited and wondered what was inside the box nailed-shut. Anderson personally opened the package to reveal...a model of his head! Madame Tussauds kindly sent the clay replica of our boss, which they used to construct his wax figure. With Anderson's real glasses and a little imagination, it's not a bad copy. What do you think?

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A Web Extra of Anderson and Betty White talking hair color ~

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MichellenLomita said...

Great model montage. Creative..and sweet. The head looks lifelike, but having spoken to, shaken the hand of and taken a picture with the real Anderson.... My question is did the unveiling take place yet, where will it happen and will real AC be there.
I must make an acerbic comment about the Anderson show's site summary of Thur. hour, though I won't watch a second of it, but will wait to submit the comment under ATA Thur. blog. Guess a lot of people like the show from the ratings. I'm not tuning in. The subject matter either doesn't interest me or seems distasteful.

aries moon said...

Madame Tussauds was figures are amazing. It looks exactly like AC.

judy said...

Someone needs to remind Anderson how he became immortalized in Madame was for his excellence in field reporting, NOT being an ordinary talk show host,
surrounded by run of the mill celebrities selling books, movies, and TV spots.