Friday, January 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, January 13, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, U.S. VESSELS HARASSED BY HIGH-SPEED IRANIAN BOATS, Pentagon releases video of incidents: Report by Anderson Cooper
BREAKING NEWS, U.S. VESSELS HARASSED BY HIGH-SPEED IRANIAN BOATS, Iran has threatened to close Strait of Hormuz: Anderson with Barbara Starr, Jill Dougherty, & Kirk Lippold, Fmr. U.S.S. Cole Commander (by phone)

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Convicted Murderers Pardoned: Report by Anderson
MISSISSIPPI PARSON MESS, Uproar over release of convicted murderers: Anderson with Martin Savidge (included parts of a report by Savidge)
Follow up: Anderson, Jeff Toobin & David Baria, Mississippi State House

SOUTHERN SHOWDOWN, Poll suggests GOP race tightening in South Carolina: Anderson with Paul Begala, Mary Matalin & Erick Erickson

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Prescription for Cheating: Report by Anderson
CHEATING TO PASS MEDICAL EXAMS, Radiology board cracking down on sharing test questions: Report by Drew Griffin & follow up discussion with Anderson


Happy Birthday, Isha!

RIDICULIST: Restaurant Wars

Anderson announced that due to the breaking news, they were not able to air his full interview with the President of Haiti, as planned. He did say it would be posted to the AC360 website.

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judy said...

Very cute clip of AC's birthday gifts to Isha, and her reactions.
Gumbie seemed overly affectionate to Isha, too affectionate.
And you could tell Isha really doesn't like Yodels or Ringdings, but than she isn't nine years old anymore AC.
This is probably what Anderson would give a lady friend, no clue in the gift giving category, but enjoyable just the same.
This is what Anderson should do with Isha every nite, all the time:
Banter. It would pay big dividends ratings wise, but he wouldn't.
He works at CNN, where viewers opinions mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pay much attention to the Iran harassment report because I think Iran is just being annoying but won't do anything that will cause lasting damage.

The report about the freed murderers in Mississippi was much better. It was great how Savidge and later Toobin tore apart Gov. Barbour's "crimes of passion" explanation. The MS state rep Baria had some good ideas and I hope he's successful in bringing change to the system in that state. It wasn't the right time or place but I wish I could have heard more about Anderson's story of him and his father eating at the MS governor's mansion years ago.

I didn't get to see all of the political discussion but I'm guessing Anderson did not say anything about Dana Loesch. Has anyone at CNN addressed her recent comments about the urinating Marines? Every article I've seen about this has mentioned Loesch is a CNN contributor. Maybe CNN is hoping the issue will go away and will have Loesch back after it does. But I hope not.

The cheating radiologists story seemed like filler. I would have preferred to hear more about Joran van der Sloot's conviction.

Isha's birthday celebration was cute except for Gumby. Six-foot-tall Gumbys are kind of creepy.


aries moon said...

I would've liked to have seen the interview with Haiti's President on the show since we get very little news from there these days, but I'll hunt it down on the website.

Loved Isha's b-day celebration with Gumby (who couldn't stop hugging her) and the Twinkies, Ring-dings, etc. I guess she's sufficiently schooled in American classic junk food now.

aries moon said...

Regarding Dana Loesch, I saw an article where some anonymous CNN contributors and reporters expressed their disgust and disappointment in Loesch's choice of words. Some of them were critical of how CNN has pretty much been hands-off with her except for a tepid statement. Loesch has a nasty history and I don't know why CNN doesn't realize how employing her tarnishes them as a news network.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: With all due respect, isn't CNN already tarnished as a news network?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Loved that Anderson had Gumby come out carrying a try of snack cakes. I think Anderson was having too much fun with the snack cakes! Looks like Isha didn't really like the snack cakes.

pebbles said...

Kevin, AC360's floor director was under the Gumby suit. He is also the same Kevin (Hugh Jackman look-a-like) in Anderson's show.

aries moon said...

@ anon 6:58, if that's the case, getting rid of Loesch might be one small step in redeeming CNN's rep.