Sunday, January 01, 2012

Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin CNN's New Year 2012

Photographer: John Nowak
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Photographer: John Nowak
© 2011 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company

Photographer: John Nowak
© 2011 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company

Photographer: John Nowak
© 2011 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company

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Chris said...

Thank you so much for the fast upload! Happy New Year!

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

I didn't watch much of the coverage tonight - I dozed off and when I woke up it was over! So thanks for the clips.

Does the show get a much larger audience than it usually does because of Kathy Griffin? I just can't understand why they keep having her on. I wish they would get Kelly Ripa or someone else that Anderson verbally spars well with to do the show. Kathy seems to make Anderson pretty uncomfortable - I know I'm uncomfortable watching!

Hope all had good holidays and will have a wonderful year.

sydney said...

I'm sorry, but this was just painful for me. I had to change the channel about halfway through. I love KG's standup act, I find it hilarious, but having her do NYE with Anderson is starting to get on my nerves. Maybe it was my mood last night (I wasn't feeling well), but the way she goes on and on and won't let Anderson get a word in edgewise is infuriating. The whole "let's embarrass Anderson" act was cute the first couple of years, but now I think it's time to let it go.

Anonymous said...

No No No My thought the whole way through was "what is going on"!! I usually go to bed at 11pm, I should have gone there! As for the green guhy, WTH was that! Epic Fail


Anonymous said...

I think the time has come for either Anderson get a new co-host or just give it up. I did not enjoy the show at all. All the did was talk over each other and I did not understand one thing that was said.

How desperate are they getting with that Green Monster stunt. That was the stupidest thing in the world. And her getting undressed was the second stupidest thing.

Sorry for the rant but enough is enough.

Thank you

judy said...

I have to agree with everyone here.
I don't like Kathy Griffin.
She doesn't add a thing to the show.
I didn't watch because of her and I wouldn't watch until Anderson has a new co-host, one that does not interrupt him.
I missed absolutely nothing by not watching.
In fact, I enjoyed Lady Gaga.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin might have tried to entice Anderson by "baring all" but unfortunately, it just made her look, what we already know, plain "old."

Anonymous said...

Thank you everybody who commented here. I didn't watch but it's still good knowing I didn't miss anything spectacular, that it was the same schtick as the previous years. Except for the green monster guy.

ATA, will you let us know about the ratings? How Anderson and Griffin do compared to other NYE shows?


Claire said...

In the parts I watched last night it seemed they would get caught up in conversation and forget they were supposed to be entertaining the TV audience. It was just strange.

I've come to the conclusion that Anderson is not the person I thought he was. That's neither good or bad, it just is. I've gotten to see more of his personality, preferences, and his interaction with people he's chosen to have on his daytime show. These parts of him don't really come through on his news show or his co-hosting w/Kelly which are really the only ways I've known him before.

I wish him the best, but having realized that I enjoy 360 much more when he's not the host, means it's time to be watching something else.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I'm with you - get Kelly to do NYE with Anderson. Kelly teases and flirts with Anderson, but in a much gentler way, and she doesn't deliberately go out of her way to embarrass him. It's not funny to watch Kathy force herself on Anderson (i.e. last night's "kiss") - in any other job, that would be considered sexual harassment.

Here's hoping Kathy's finally worn out her welcome on NYE. Happy New Year to all!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and the Green Goblin thing was just plain wierd - you could tell even the people in Times Square couldn't figure out what the h*** was going on!! MAJOR misfire!!

Anonymous said...

NYE with Anderson used to be fun and classy. Now it's just plain trashy. I agree that it's annoying the way she talks over him and he can't get a word in. It's supposed to be new Year's eve with Anderson; but we don't get Anderson, just a slutty Kathy Griffin.

I've also found that Anderson isn't who we thought he was. Remember when he used to talk about people making sex tapes and we thought he was above that. Those pictures of him and Kathy are one step away. What's next year going to be - New Year's Eve Porn with Anderson and Kathy Griffin? I wonder what parents thought who used to be able to watch the ball drop with their kids! I won't watch next year if she's on again. I thought Anderson had more class and integrity. Apparently that was just an act!

Anonymous said...

Claire, I must agree with you.
Ever since he has his daytime show,
I prefer not watching 360.
Showing the other side of ones personality, is not always the best thing.
For me, his dire need to be with celebrities and to celebrate them is not the person I thought he was, and that is a big turn off.

Anonymous said...

Just saw that AC will be live in IOWA tonight, sounds somewhat promising.


Nebraska Fan said...

I agree with Sidney - love Kathy's standup and used to like watching her on other things. But watching her basically hijack the show this year was too much. She did far more talking than AC and it became more like her show with him as her prop. I feel very harsh saying that, but it was painful to watch. I've admired him for so long as a news guy with a great snarky sense of humor, but this was too much.

Anonymous said...

So far the majority of commenters have given KG with AC, negative reviews.
Everyones resolution for next year should be, NOT to watch the show if Griffin co-hosts.
She will not change, but the viewing audience must.
This is the ONLY way CNN will change their pattern and choose someone talented and tasteful.
Folks, vote with your remotes.
It's easier than you think.

aries moon said...

As usual I am out of step with the commenters here regarding Kathy Griffin. I loved the show, laughed a lot and had a great time watching the entire broadcast. I love them together and hope they continue to pair up for NYE. It is clear that they like each other and most viewers like them enough to keep Kathy coming back. I don't think the negativity here towards them as a team is reflective of how the general public feels since the ratings are good (they beat Fox in total viewers and the demo). Unlike everyone here, I look forward to seeing AC and Kathy next NYE.

Anonymous said...

Viewers come back out of curiosity, like seeing a car wreck.
You just can't help yourself, but it certainly isn't out of appreciation.
CNN has no standards and speaks to the lowest common denominator, like porn.

aries moon said...

If someone were so horribly offended by the show, they WOULDN'T watch period. No one is forced to watch. Hate to break it to you but there are people who watch because they LIKE it. You can stand in judgment of their taste if you want, but that doesn't change a thing. I guess I'll have to join Anderson as part of the "lowest common denominator" since he also finds Kathy Griffin funny. I hope CNN brings Kathy back next year for those of us who enjoy her and there are MANY.

Anonymous said...

Claire, I also came to the same conclusion as you. I have realized for awhile now that Anderson is shallow deep down and not such an interesting person afterall. Just like everyone else. Ever since he paraded with Snookie at the tan salon I was turned off. He sounded so shallow. He shows a lot of compassion on his show and is hillarious BUT I also have to admit, seeing too much of his "other side" has killed the curiosity. Now it's all there. Nothing to wonder about. Also his show has proved that he is shallow in that he loves shallow celebrities and puts them on a pedestal.OK to like some who have talent but him inviting Kathy Griffin or the cast of Housewives and talking about shallow things is just a massive turn off.

I was completely in love with Anderson the first two years i first started watching 360, glued to 360 and CNN every night and on this site and on every possible forum looking for every bit of info about him. He made me hooked to politics and world events believe me or not...and to his personality.

Cried like a baby when listening to his audiobook, Dispatches.

Laughed hysterically at his jokes and snarky sense of humor. loved his comments and emotional outbursts. Learned a lot from him but always felt deep down something was missing or that I was wasting my time.

I don't know anymore though...all I know is it's been over 5 years and all the attraction has vanished.

I simply can't even watch 360 anylonger. All the negatives show now: he sounds shallow, talks too fast, looks like he's not really into it and can't wait to go talk to Snookie and the likes.

I don't know but I'm 100% done and I don't even care.

I agree with everyone else NYE with KF what a farce; did not watch it BUT saw your clips and GLAD i spent my time elsewhere.

It's time to say goodbye. Thanks for all the great moments Anderson but I'm officially out of love with you.