Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Anderson: Getting Failure Out of Your Life

'Anderson' once again visited the topic of websites that post "dirt" on others and profit from it. This time the site was and it's founder Nik Richie. Three "alleged" victims joined Nik on stage, and Anderson went on the attack with Nik.’s Howard Bragman joined in on the conversation to share with viewers the best ways they can counter digital defamation and safeguard their online reputations.

The last segment of the show featured Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. He joined Anderson to talk about how people can face their fear of failure and pursue their dreams. He also talked about his new online show, “Failure Club,” which addresses the same issue. Nicole Williams, Author and Life Coach, joined Morgan on stage and offered life-changing tips.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I thought today's episode was a repeat until I e-mailed a friend and she said it was new. I don't understand why Anderson keeps revisiting topics. Do we really need 2 shows about "dirt" being posted on the internet?

Anonymous said...

I can't get over what Anderson is wearing.
Does he really wear that grey button down sweater that's so unappealing over the square checked shirt?
Isn't that something his great uncle would wear?
We've been told others dress him.
Please AC dress yourself.
You have better taste.
Even if older folks watch you, they don't dress like that.

aries moon said...

I don't care for them repeating topics either--when I look at the Anderson website, they have a section where they have listed possible show topics that they might cover and there are a few I'd really be interested in seeing, but so far they haven't done them yet. I hope they will start to explore some new territory on upcoming shows. 360 has the same problem of doing a story and then revisiting it numerous times.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late, but I just watched this show. It seemed to be a been there, done that, topic on 'Anderson' but one thing caught my attention. Anderson was on the attack with Nic over what gets posted on his website, yet apparently Anderson's website - - had posted some "untruths" about Nic and it was only after Nic's lawyer contacted the talk show, that the posts were taken down. Perhaps needs better moderators or else they need to quit calling other's out, when they in fact, are guilty of a same/similar offense. Given the ads on, like, the 'Anderson' website is profit driven.

Do I approve of sites like; no. But I think one needs to have their own house in order, before calling someone else out.

And @Anon 2;09am - I totally agree about Anderson's wardrobe on the talk show. At one point Anderson's "stylist" talked about changing his look, the stores she shops at for Anderson and gave styling tips. I did a head bang! To me it's indicative of much that's wrong with the program - instead of letting Anderson be Anderson and look/dress like Anderson, they are trying to change him into something they think viewers want; losing all that is authentically Anderson Cooper. This is a huge turn off to me...

I watched his wonderful interview with the international correspondents on his CNN special and enjoyed his snarky/silliness at times, on the 8+ hours of the Iowa caucus. Both seemed to be authentic Anderson. Talk show host Anderson, seems to be more of an a not very good actor playing a part.
Maybe he'd feel more comfortable, if he wore his own clothes!