Monday, January 23, 2012

Anderson: Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far? Shopaholic Mom Destroying Family

TOPIC: Shopping Obsession
Guests: *Dana, Admits she's a shopaholic, admits to having a shopping obsession, spent thousands instead of saving for college fund, spent much of her family's life savings in 2 years
*Al, (Dana's husband) Says his wife if a shopaholic, works 2 jobs to support his wife's shopping obsession, believes is wife spent as much as $150,000 shopping
*Abigail, (Dana's daughter) Says her mom is a shopaholic, feels mom wasted money that should be used for college
*Julia, Dana's daughter was also on the set
*TLC's Dr. Mike Dow, Psychotherapist joined in the discussion and shared "3 Signs Of An Obsession"
*Several audience members asked questions and shared in the discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson could have asked the author of Shopaholic, the series, that is so popular in book titles,
to be on this show.
It would have added depth and dimension to a show that is very ordinary.
A lot of women are compulsive shoppers and if AC really wanted to delve deeper he could have interviewed women who shop online as well as the shopping channels.
Depending on "just anybody" is an easy out.
Actually, he or his producers, could spend an entire week on this topic because we are a consumer nation.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The mom who shops all the time is an idiot. She's buying crap she doesn't need, she's buying it just because its on sale. She should be ashamed of herself. Its pretty bad that her daughter had to write into the show to get her mom on. I would love to know how much that settlement was that she received. She obviously can't budget since she blew threw most of it. Her husband is an idiot for working 2 jobs to support her irresponsible shopping habits. I like that Anderson wasn't taking her crap. All she did was talk in circles.

Anonymous said...

Her husband is an enabler who is feeding her obsession.
Whys support her habit?
Would you do this for someone is drug dependent?