Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anderson: Two Daytime Exclusives: 'Dance Moms' & What Really Happened to Caylee Anthony?

TOPIC: The cast of the Lifetime's controversial reality series, "Dance Moms"
GUESTS: The "Moms" and the young dancers
Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller

TOPIC: Inside the headline making Casey Anthony trial
GUESTS: Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the medical examiner who performed Caylee’s autopsy

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved it if Anderson would have spent the entire hour with Dr G and left Dance Moms in the green room.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Anonymous 5:57pm I agree. The "Dance Moms" part was stupid and a waste of time. I would have much rather Dr.G be on for the hour.

Anonymous said...

Either one of these topics - "Dance Moms" or Dr. Garavaglia - could have easily filled an hour. Putting both these stories in one show is another example of "Anderson" trying to cover too many bases at once or both ends of the spectrum or something. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

I didn't see this show but watched the short clip here on ATA. Anderson starts out well but appeared incredibly phony when he said "Watching the show stresses me out." I'd bet my salary someone on the show wrote that line for him.