Friday, January 13, 2012

Anderson: Women in Love with Prisoners

TOPIC: Women in Love with Prisioners
Guests: *Mary Hamer, claims to be Joran van der Sloot's guardian angel
*Casey Jordan, Criminologist
*Leticia, married a convicted killer
*Jason, Leticia's husband via satellite from LA (he's out on parole and can't leave California)
*Natalya, Fiance not up for parole until 2046
*Brian, Natlya's fiance on the phone from Correctional Center in state of Washington (met as pen pals and Natlya moved herself and her kids from GA to WA to be near Brian)
*Adam Lovell, founder of website for prisoner pen pals

There were Q&A's from the audience and one brought out feisty Anderson ~

As the program was taped, there was an addendum concerning van der Sloot at the end ~

BLOGGER'S DISCLAIMER: Had I not been blogging the show, I would not have tuned in based on the topic. Since I'm puppy sitting, I actually watched the show in real time and was shocked at the guests and laughing at Anderson getting feisty. Thus the additional clips today. Enjoy the crazy! ~ Wonz

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Anonymous said...

I tuned in about 10 minutes into the show, but watched the rest. It was interesting and yes Anderson did get feisty with some of the guests especially Joran's angel. All I can say these women really need to see someone to get their lives back on track before they ruin things for their kids and families.

I was impressed at how Anderson got on Joran's Angel's case regarding her saying she was trying to help bring all three parties together even after they asked her not to, the woman is totally delusional, but maybe not that much because she wants her 75,000.00 back, not gonna happen.

I would love to see more hour topic shows like this.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Who comes up with these topics? Women in love with prisoners? Its like watching an episode of Maurry. Topics like this are beneath Anderson. He can do better.

aries moon said...

Although I don't agree with these women's decisions to get involved with inmates, Leticia struck me as intelligent, reasonable and self-aware--she knew what she was getting into and sounded as though she spent a lot of time considering it, but I guess anyone can have poor judgement at some point in their lives. Mary Hamer just seemed as if she wasn't playing with a full deck and Anderson's obvious irritation and annoyance with her was interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm puzzled why Anderson has chosen to go "have the crazies on, so I can call them out and look impressive" route. I just think he's so much better than what we're seeing for topics/guests on his talk show.

I was hoping for a daytime talk show that expanded my intelligence, but this certainly isn't it. This is pretty much a lowest common denominator program - the likes of Maury and Springer, both of whom I refuse to watch.

Looked at the topics for next week and more of the same. Not worth my time and attention.

Anonymous said...

12:13AM: You are absolutely right.
What is even more puzzling, is why seemingly intelligent people watch this trash.
Is there nothing else to do for these people?

Anonymous said...

I am someone who is in a relationship with someone in prison. I think that the general misconception is that everyone in prison is evil or "bad" but the truth is, they made mistakes like many of us have; they happened to get caught. People are not their mistakes and that's the principle I live by in my relationship. If I had gotten caught doing all the things I did, then I would probably be in some kind of trouble that I wouldn't want to be judged for for the rest of my life. I think that principle is absurd. In general, people ask others to forgive them everyday for things that they have done but once someone is sentenced to jail society like to forget about them and treat them less than dirt. Should Martha Stewart be denied love? She was in prison. She committed a crime but people still love her and respect her.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:33 I hate to say it but a lot of people watch Anderson to see Anderson, they don't care about the topic, they just want to see Anderson. I rarely tune in, but did watch this show just to get bored and fall asleep.

I do wish Anderson and his staff would realize that the American viewer is much smarter than they think they are. He said Donahue was his idol, but it seems he is channeling Maury instead. Even when Geraldo would do strange shows they did not insult the viewer's intelligence as these topics seem to be doing.

Anonymous said...

This was trash T.V. at its worst! Incarceration is a serious topic, and he treated it like it was a form of entertainment. Won't be watching in the future.