Saturday, January 28, 2012

Changes for ANDERSON

It was announced on February 23rd last year that Good Morning America's Senior Executive Producer, Jim Murphy, was leaving ABC to become one of four Executive Producers for Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show.
Today Deadline Hollywood broke the news that Murphy would be parting company with ANDERSON leaving only Cooper and the new-to- the-show Terence Noonan to EP the program. Noonan, a four-time Daytime Emmy winner, and co-author of Starring You!, has a background producing TLC programming and also spent time a producer on The Dr. Oz Show.

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Anonymous said...

Does it seem Murphy's departure is soon and unexpected?

Anonymous said...

Not really 10:13 it's been almost 6 months and they are still trying to find a winning combination. Why Oprah fired another exec from OWN last week, so everyone seems to be in a state of flux. One comment though the look on AC's face in the picture is kind of telling - is he bored or has he tuned out on the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I'm surprised. It seemed like when Terence was brought into the mix he took over and took the show in the Maury/Springer promotes reality TV direction.

I feel sorry for Murphy. He's a newsman and when Anderson was talking about the show 11 months ago I think Murphy, like the rest of us, expected something different from the cookie cutter daytime program is has become.

So Anderson has burned through experienced producers from GMA and Oprah and seems to be betting on the producer from TLC (reality tv) to take the show where he wants it to be?

Maybe the new incarnation of Anderson is what daytime viewers like and why I'm not a fan of most daytime. I expected something different from Anderson, based on who he was and what he was saying. I'm not saying I expected the serious newsman I see on AC360, but I certainly did not envision the Maury/Springer incarnation, either. He's certainly no Phil Donahue.

I think maybe Murphy is the smartest one of the bunch. He got out with his reputation probably only slightly tarnished.

Sorry to see Anderson sell out for ratings.... in the daytime talk world.