Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Monday, Jan. 30
Unhappily Ever After: The Business of Divorce
ANDERSON discusses prenuptials and what couples need to know to protect themselves before getting married. Plus, consumer advocate Erin Brockovich and ANDERSON team up to help a distraught viewer whose house was destroyed by a negligent company that refuses to take responsibility.

Tuesday, Jan. 31
Families in Crisis and Is Your House Making You Fat?
ANDERSON looks at how unemployment is affecting families across the United States. ANDERSON also speaks with a nutritionist who reveals simple changes that people can make around their home to help them lose weight.

Wednesday, Feb. 1
Katherine Heigl and the Honduras Plane Crash Survivors Reunite with Rescuers
Hollywood superstar Katherine Heigl (One for the Money) joins ANDERSON, and speaks intimately about family, loss and whether she regrets being so outspoken about the people she’s worked with. Plus, for the first time since the accident, the survivors of the tragic Honduras plane crash are reunited with the rescuers who saved their lives.

Thursday, Feb. 2
Madonna: A Daytime Exclusive
Music’s living legend Madonna joins ANDERSON for a special daytime exclusive, just days before performing at SUPER BOWL XLVI. Madonna speaks candidly about dating, raising children and her new film W.E., which she co-wrote and directed.

Friday, February 3
Drew Barrymore and the Real Story Behind JFK Jr.’s Final Days
ANDERSON is joined by writer, director and actress extraordinaire Drew Barrymore, who dishes on everything from her recent engagement to Will Kopelman, to her new movie Big Miracle. RoseMarie Terenzio, who served as assistant to JFK Jr. for the last five years of his life, also joins ANDERSON and reveals the details of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bassette’s final days.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd bet the farm that Jim Murphy left "Anderson" because of episodes like "Is Your House Making You Fat?"

"Celebrity Inc." by Jo Piazza is a book about how celebrities make money. One chapter dealt with celebrity perfume/cologne. Tim McGraw thought about it but wondered if he would turn off his country music fans by doing something so "metrosexual" (the term the book used) like having a celebrity fragrance. Would it fit in with the "Tim McGraw" brand? McGraw and his team worked it out just right with the smell, packaging and advertising and his fragrance sold well so he came out with a second one.

Anderson's "brand" was being a serious but caring journalist who went to famines and floods. The show "Anderson" portrays a different side to him, very different from the 360 brand of Anderson we all know and love.

The disconnect between the two is sometimes unsettling, like seeing reporting-from-the-thick-of-Egyptian-riots-Anderson become is-your-house-making-you-fat-Anderson.

Maybe Anderson is having fun with the daytime show and that should be all that matters. But in a different world, if it was Geraldo Rivera who had a show about houses making you fat, 360 Anderson would be the first one making fun of that show on his Ridiculist.