Saturday, January 14, 2012

Next Week on 'Anderson' January 16, 2012

Monday, Jan. 16
Are Little Girls Growing up Too Fast?

ANDERSON speaks with the moms who appear in TODDLERS AND TIARAS to determine the impact that the controversial hit show has on children involved in pageants. Also, ANDERSON speaks to a victim of bullying that was caught on tape.

Tuesday, Jan. 17
Headline-Makers: The One-Man Sperm Bank and The Latest Author Phenom

ANDERSON speaks to a recent newsmaker, Trend Arsenault, who is being investigated by the FDA for running a private, one-man, unregulated sperm bank, where he has donated to over 53 couples, fathering 14 children to date. Plus, meet and get tips from self-published author, Amanda Hocking, who is being touted as the next J.K. Rowling.

Wednesday, Jan. 18
Winning the Lottery Ruined My Life and BAYOU BILLIONAIRES

ANDERSON speaks with lottery winners who confess that being awarded with millions ruined their lives. Plus, find out how the crazy billionaires of BAYOU BILLIONAIRES spend their money and tap into the latest headlines during a lively panel discussion with MOB WIVES’ Renee Graziano.

Thursday, Jan. 19
Dolly Parton and the Human Lie Detector

Dolly Parton celebrates her 66th birthday with ANDERSON and discusses her newest film, Joyful Noise. Plus, human lie detector, Janine Driver, dissects body language to reveal whether or not someone in your life is lying.

Friday, Jan. 20
Committing to Abstinence

ANDERSON explores the negative stigma society puts on women losing their virginity and speaks with current and former members of the purity movement. Plus, meet the 13-year-old viral video “slut shamer” who is taking on people who judge women based on their sexual activity.

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Anonymous said...

These topcis can be summed up with this four letter word:

Anonymous said...

Dolly Parton isn't crap.

Anonymous said...

Dolly Parton is a successful singer, businesswoman and sometimes actress. She also appeals to a significant segment of viewers; don't know how many of those there are but I'm not one of them.

The whole week seems geared towards the soccer mom (again). I would love it if the show was more like Tom Snyder's old show or Charlie Rose's. But that's not what daytime TV is about, you have to appeal to the soccer moms.

Also - last Friday's show was supposed to be about women paying alimony to their ex-husbands. That changed to women falling in love with prisoners. Anybody know why?


Anonymous said...

I agree that Dolly Parton isn't crap, but I've seen her on 3 or 4 other (Letterman, TDS with Jon Steward, Live with Kelly) talk shows this past week, promoting her new movie already - so I can't imagine what more she could have to offer on 'Anderson'. The perils of taping a week or so in advance when others are live, I guess.

The rest of the topics don't sound interesting to me at all. IMO the guest/topic list is getting worse instead of better.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@amomymous 4:35pm, I agree the guests/topics do seem to be getting worse instead of better. It really surprises me that it was renewed for a second season.

Anonymous said...

Dolly Parton is old school.
And she may not be "crap," but the movie she's in, is.
Very poor reviews.