Wednesday, February 29, 2012

360 on Wednesday February 29th

DEADLY TONADOS HIT MIDWEST & SOUTH Powerful storm system moving eastward: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up report by Chad Myers

DEADLY TORNADOES HIT MIDWEST & SOUTH At least 12 people killed: Interview with Mayor Eric Gregg

DEADLY TORNADOES HIT MIDWEST & SOUTH 6 Killed in Illinois, 3 in Missouri, 3 in Tennessee: Interview with Brandon Culkin
Additional discussion withTyler Profilet

FAMILIES DESTROYED BY SCHOOL SHOOTING Three teenage boys died in Ohio rampage: Interview with Dina Parmertor

ACCUSED SHOOTER'S TROUBLED PAST Juvenile record describes 2009 assault: Report by Martin Savidge


OMNEY REBOUND Fresh wins heading into Super Tuesday: Discussion with James Carville, Mary Matalin, and Eric Erickson

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

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Anonymous said...

Great seeing Don Lemon. Not surprised Anderson Cooper wasn't at the tornado damaged sites. He hasn't done field reporting since his other show began...

Anonymous said...

The best part of Wednesday's 360 was the tornado coverage especially the interviews. Anderson is still at his best when talking to real people. Tornadoes are scary stuff and they're not supposed to happen this early in the year.

The rest of the show kind of dragged. I had hope for the Matalin/Carville discussion but it just wasn't all that interesting.


aries moon said...

It's hard to imagine how a parent of a murdered child can talk so soon after his death, I'm always surprised by this, but it must be therapeutic in some way and everyone deals with that kind of loss differently--I felt so awful for the mother who lost her son to senseless gun violence. Anderson handled the interview in the sensitive, compassionate manner that he's known for.

Disappointing that Anderson wasn't able to make it out to the area where the tornado hit, but it was good to see Don Lemon on the show reporting. Also glad to see Isha again.