Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper AC360 Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHITNEY HOUSTON, DEATH OF AN ICON: Anderson Cooper, Randi Kaye and Tom Foreman reporting
Medical discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Drew Pinsky
Portions of Cooper's interview with Janet Jackson (entire interview to air on Anderson Monday)

RAW POLITICS, TWO MAN RACE? Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion: Cornell Belcher and Ari Fleischer

KEEPING THEM HONEST, HUNT FOR HALEY BARBOUR: Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting

THE RIDICULIST: Valentine's Day


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Again way too much Whitey Houston coverage. What was up with Dr.Drew? He was way too fired up/angry. And what's up with 360 being pre-taped? Wonder what the reason behind that was.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice that the show was taped. But I did notice Anderson spent half the show on Whitney Houston. On Monday I could understand it because she died on Saturday when 360 wasn't on that day. However today there wasn't a lot of new news to report and we really didn't need to hear about Janet Jackson's reaction.

It's very unexpected and sad Whitney died but more than a half hour of news on her three days later is too much.

The best report of the night was Ed Lavendera's about former Gov. Barbour. I would have been way more surprised if Barbour had stopped and talked to Ed rather than running and hiding in that building.

Randi Kaye gave two sentences about the Anoka-Hennepin School District (here in MN) changing its policy about teachers remaining "neutral" in any sort of student conflict or bulying. This was news that deserved a segment.


Anonymous said...

Too much re-hash of what we already knew about Whitney for it to fill 1/2 the hour. I wish just Sanjay had been on with Anderson. We heard Dr. Drew's take last night and didn't need to hear his yelling again tonight. He has a show, if I want to hear his take, I'll watch it. I was glad to hear what Sanjay had to say and he threw Dr. Drew a couple of looks.

Ed's follow up was good. Glad to see him in the studio with Anderson.

Still trying to figure out why the program was taped. There was CNN breaking news just before 360 about the tentative deal on the payroll tax cut, but because the program was taped they couldn't have their political people comment and it got relegated to the bulletin.

Also, Arwa's in Syria and nothing from her? After all the complaints from Anderson about not getting into Syria and she's there and he spent 1/2 the show re-hashing Whitney's death. I saw Arwa on Erin's show so I know it wasn't a lack of communication with her.

I hope 360 stops with the speculation of Whitney's death and waits for the coroner's report to come back. I'm so happy the family decided on a private funeral in her church vs. a media frenzy giant public memorial. How classy.

And I see that now Anderson is actually showing a full screen ad for his talk show during 360! If Janet was in the building for his talk show taping today, why didn't he just have her come to the CNN studio to interview her for 360, instead of the shameless talk show promotion? How tacky, Mr. Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Dr Drew for bringing some focus on a continuing tragedy in our society that is being ignored. If your life has never been touched by the evil of addiction (drug or achahol) you may feel the way the other commentors do. I was estactic to see someone expressing anrgy emotion regarding prescription drugs and death. Death of young people, older folks, famous or not. It's an epidemic that society and goverment need to address. Yes my life has been deeply affected by this diecase and it's the saddest thing it the world to watch someone you love go down the path of addiction. Keep it up Dr. Drew,I'm confident there are many, many others that feel the same way I do.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:20AM I don't disagree with you at all. I had a loved one addicted to prescription pain killers. I do, however, think the discussion is a little premature until the cause of death is revealed.

He had his say Monday night and if it ends up being declared the cause of Whitney's death, then have more discussion. Dr. Drew has his own show, if he wants to discuss the issue in general more, then his show is the place for it, not repeatedly on 360 when he's just speculating at this point.