Friday, February 17, 2012

Anderson Cooper & Anthony Shadid

Twitter lit up after AC360 Thursday night with the news of Anthony Shadid's death. Anderson tweeted the following ~

From The New York Times report ~

Anthony Shadid, Reporter in the Middle East, Dies at 43

Anthony Shadid, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent who died on Thursday at 43, had long been passionately interested in the Middle East, first because of his Lebanese-American heritage and later because of what he saw there firsthand.

Mr. Shadid spent most of his professional life covering the region, as a reporter first with The Boston Globe; then with The Washington Post, for which he won Pulitzer Prizes in 2004 and 2010; and afterward with The New York Times. At his death, from what appeared to be an asthma attack, he was on assignment for The Times in Syria.
(Please click on link for full article.) Taylor Hicks, based in Turkey, reportedly carried the body of his dead colleague across the border into Turkey

On April 16th of 2011, we posted Anderson's interview with the four NY Times journalists that had been captured in Libya. Anthony and Taylor were two of the four interviewed. Here is that post ~

The Special featuring Anderson's interview with the four New York Times journalists captured in Libya aired this Friday in the 11pmET hour. There was a technical difficulty with that airing, but the 2pmET repeat was fine. Here is Anderson's interview with Anthony Shadid, Lynsey Addario, Stephen Farrell and Tyler Hicks in it's entirety ~

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

And we leave you tonight with a couple of quotes from the interview ~

COOPER: I want to read something that -- that you wrote about that moment. You said, "At that moment, though, none of us thought we were going to live. Steve tried to keep eye contact until they pulled the trigger. The rest of us felt the powerlessness of resignation. You feel empty when you know that it's almost over."


COOPER: You must get this question a lot. Why do you do this? What is it -- why do you feel it's important? All of you are incredibly experienced in incredibly difficult circumstances. You've all risked your lives numerous times. You've had two kidnappings. You, I believe, had one in Iraq. You've all been in jams. What is it that drives you to do it?

SHADID: You know, I think there are some stories worth taking risks for. You know, I think back to the decisions I've had to make over the years, staying in Baghdad in 2003 or covering a war in Lebanon in 2006, Ramallah in 2002. These stories, you do have that sense, and it is a little bit of a cliche, but there is some meaning to it.

And unless you're there covering it, no one is going to know about it. Unless you're there trying to bring meaning to it, bring a certain depth to it, it won't be done otherwise. I think that's the question I've been struggling with, is that the case in Ajdabiya before we got abducted? You know, would that story have not been told otherwise, and I don't know the answer to that, to be honest.

And on September 1st, Anthony was part of a panel that discussed Syria with Anderson. Here is that interview ~

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Anonymous said...

Very sad. Anthony Shadid was one of the good guys, gone way too soon.