Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Anderson: 'How My Husband Became My Wife' Plus, 'The Latest Theory on Why Men Cheat'

TOPIC: How Her Husband Became Her Wife
Guests: *Rene, Discovered husband had both male and female chromosomes, Husband Ted became Chloe after surgery
*Chloe, Had gender reassignment surgery (vs. optional testosterone treatment)
*Dr. Aron Janssen, Clinical Director, NYU Langone Medical Center
*Chloe & Renee, Have committed to raising their sons together
*Logan & Barry, Rene and Chloe's sons

TOPIC: The Latest Theory: Why Men Cheat
Guests: *Bethany St. James, Legal prostitute & Huffington Post blogger, Says men come to her for intimacy
*Sarah Symonds, Former mistress
*Simon Bienne, Sex & Relationship expert, Co-host, "Loveline"
*Judy, Says her e cheated on her with prostitutes
*Michelle, Saye her husband cheated on her with prostitutes
*George Collins, Sexual addiction counselor (from audience)

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Who comes up with some of these topics? The are beneath Anderson. I thought he said his talk show would be different and not your average run of the mill talk show. His show seems more like Maurry than anything else. I was expecting something more original from him.

Anonymous said...

@ACAnderFan I refused to watch the show, just reading the topic made me cringe. Anderson has fallen into the trap of others doing the decision making for him. He probably hears a topic, cringes inside, but to keep peace and not hurt anyone goes along with it. Anderson really needs to get his act together on the talk show and 360 or he's going to be out of both.

Anonymous said...

Please stop rationalizing: "AC cringes inside."
If Anderson really found these topics so beneath him, or his audience he wouldn't do them.
The show has HIS name on it.
The buck stops there.

Anonymous said...

The topic that will appear soon, and I'm not kidding: "Baby with four heads."
Anderson can now work for the Globe.
He and his staff have stooped THAT low.