Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anderson: 'I Am a Teenage Exorcist' Plus, 'Modern Family's' Jesse Tyler Ferguson

TOPIC: Are Teen Exorcists Real?
Guests: *Rev. Bob Larson, Exorcist
*Brynne, 17 Teen exorcist
*Tess, 17 Teen exorcist
*Savannah, 20, Performs exorcisms
*Cynthia, 20, Had an exorcism
*Laura, Claims she had a forced exorcism
*Tom, Laura's father
*Rev. Darrell Motal, Believes Rev. Bob Larson is a fake
*Father Edward Beck, Roman Catholic Priest
*Dr. Andrew Newberg, Neuroscientist and author (from audience)

TOPIC/GUEST: Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Watch what happened backstage before “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson made his “Anderson” debut ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was really bad. The teenage exorcists was just beyond stupid. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson is just annoying.

Anonymous said...

I watched the show, but didn't catch the whole thing, so I have a question, does anyone know the name of the girl who said she had a forced exorcism, I know her first name is Laura.

Anonymous said...

Are teen exorcists real?
Is this topic for real?
If I were a TV personality, I would avoid going on Anderson at all costs.
At least with Ellen, you know you'd get some exposure and there would be positive feed back.
With Anderson, you never know what to expect.
Next year, according to TVN, the day show will no longer be in the Time Warner location.
Lincoln Center was probably too expensive for a show that is losing money.
And needless to say, AC will have to make an extra effort to be up the task of anchoring and hosting.
Not so easy anymore is it?

Moe said...

The so-called teen exorcists are exploitation fodder for Bob Larson, who is currently trying to sell his " International School of Exorcism". This is the ninth attempt by McExorcist to have a show of his own on television, the last eight being various failures.

Brynne is the one who is in fact Larson's daughter--by his second wife. He divorced his first wife while at BLM and the divorce record is curiously sealed. Also worthy of note is that every employee at Bob Larson Ministries was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep them from telling outsiders, including the press, about the real goings on at BLM. Even the husband of one noted female employee, a man who never was employed by Larson, was on his wedding day forced to sign the shut-your-mouth legal papers.

Everything about Larson is phony, from his mail order ministerial degree to the fact that in reality he is a college drop out. Ironically this self-proclaimed " foremost authority on cults and the occult" has himself formed a personality cult centered on him called ironically " Spiritual Freedom Church".

Yes the girls sounded coached-- because they were. The Stepford Daughters also, if you noticed, loo alike though in fact only one is his daughter.