Monday, February 20, 2012

Anderson: Janet Jackson....The Hour

Here's the link to the recipes that Janet and her chef shared.

AC360 Transcript

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I only half paid attention as I am not really interested in Janet Jackson. I think they could have had a better show for the 100th episode.

Anonymous said...

So False. This was by far the best episode of Anderson I've seen. Both Anderson and Janet were really comfortable and playful, and for the first time, Anderson looked natural when having fun. Having Janet's fan participate in a couple additional segments really touched me as it shows just how nice Janet and Anderson are. It was such a good show!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Janet and she was the main reason I watched.LOVE U JANET!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched and would have preferred to have heard more of Anderson's interview with Janet vs the work out segment and the hyping of nutra systems.

The fan surprise was fun, but that plus the interview would have been enough IMO. To me the show was too full, like an appetizer plate where you get a little taste of each, but not enough of any one thing.

I'm not a Janet fan, but was impressed with her interview and it was clear Anderson was a fan.

aries moon said...

Anderson really seemed to be enjoying the hour together--it was fun to watch Anderson being a fan and having a good time with a guest. I haven't followed Janet in a while, I loved some of her songs in the 80's and early 90's, but she seems to be one of the few grounded stars out there and has remained that way in spite of some rough patches in her life--she seemed very warm and genuine. I also liked hearing AC's stories about being a fan of Good Times, who knew?

Anonymous said...

You can tell Anderson was having fun with Janet. Loved both of them !!

Anonymous said...

I recorded the show because Janet was on it. I loved the interview and have to say that I was really impressed with Anderson Cooper. (I'm recording today, too, so you just may have a new fan!)

By the way, Janet Jackson is gorgeous - both inside and out. Cannot wait to see what's up next for Miss Jackson!



The full episode of Anderson Cooper’s interview with Janet Jackson in my opinion was naturally balanced from conception, starting with the fictitious dance competitions were Janet Jackson was to surprise unsuspecting dance group contestants.

One dancer in particular reviled to Anderson Cooper and Janet Jackson that he had been inspired by Janet to adapt to a healthier way of life( before the segment ended Janet Jackson asked the dance group contestants to continue on dancing ).

The dance group contestants in the first segment of the show were allowed front row sitting access, while to the surprise of the male dancer, Janet had personally asked him to come on stage ( for the food segment of the interview ) and later his two female dance companions were granted stage access for the exercise segment of the show

The show ended with Janet Jackson surprising Anderson Cooper with one of his favorite desserts, Janet Jackson then later distributed out to the audience a copy of Her Book Titled: True You : A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself ) Anderson Cooper followed up with additional prize giveaways for the stage and online audience.

By Charles Cannon
Born Chicago by way of Detroit Michigan

Mr. Rajhaile said...

Janet and Anderson are just 2 of the kindest spirits. Anderson reminds me of a big kid with a huge heart. This show felt right. He was comfortable and relaxed. I was so moved by the dancer who had such kind words for Janet and how she's inspired him. It brought me to tears. He said things to her I also would've said. This 100th episode was wonderful!