Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Anderson: 'OCD is Ruining My Life' & 'Howie Mandel'

TOPIC: OCD Is Destroying My Life
Guests: *Jennifer, Life is consumed by obsessive compulsive rituals
*Heather, Just learned severity of daughter's OCD
*Dr. Jennifer O'Connor, Psychologist specializing in OCD and Anorexia
*Howard, Jennifer's best friend
*Joani Gammill, Professional interventionist
*Help was offered by a treatment center representative in the audience with the following results ~

TOPIC: Howie Mandel's Big Surprise
Guest: Howie Mandel

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Anonymous said...

I've been Google'ing this episode since it ended a little while ago because I wanted to hear about what decision Jennifer made.

As an addict myself I'm so sad she made the decision to leave the treatment facility and not get help. I SOOOO hope she rethinks her life, and how much control she doesn't have over it, and soon makes the decision to give therapy a shot.

For myself I've considered treatment, away from home, but I have a wife and a beautiful step-daughter, and my addiction is controllable, now, thankfully!! But every ounce of my control comes from the Bible, and reading it. If I'm not spending hours a DAY reading it, I lose control over my addiction .... and my life.

I thank God that I have such a patient wife who has been so willing to help me! But, her help comes with an ultimatum, I make progress or she leaves, so I strive every day to be better for her, because I know I won't do it for myself!

Whatever you decide to do with your Jennifer, wherever you are now, I TRULY hope only do what you know in your heart to be good for you and your future!

God be with you on your journey, I hope to read of your story again in the future!!!

R.G.V., TX

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was better than I thought it would be. I am not surprised that girl checked out of the treatment center after only 24 hours. It seemed like she didn't realize that she had a problem and she didn't seem at the point where her OCD was so unbearable she couldn't cope. I do hope in time though she is able to see help for her OCD.

aries moon said...

OCD has always interested me and although it's a staple on most talk shows I thought 'Anderson' did a good job covering it mainly because of the person they featured who is suffering from it. Jennifer is obviously very tormented by OCD and in spite of the support by her mom and friend, she seemed very hostile and irritated with them--she seemed to have already closed herself off and shutdown. I'm not surprised that she ultimately refused treatment.

The flash mob thing is kind of boring to me but I did enjoy the marriage proposal segment.

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with the whole OCD topic. If the person wasn't open to help why did she agree to go on the talk show? Looking for her 15 minutes of fame and 'Anderson' got sucked in? I recognize it as a very real problem, but felt their screeners could have done a better job at picking a guest - one that at least seemed receptive to help instead of hostile toward it. Also had a problem believing the mother "just" found out how severe Jennifer's problem was.

I found the flash mob proposal interesting and it was glaring how much more at ease Howie is as a host than Anderson is, still at this point. Howie was out on the street talking to people, making the segment fun and Anderson came out and read off his cards.

Can't someone give Anderson some guidance and coach him in his hosting skills?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...
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Unknown said...

Where can I watch this full episode?