Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Anderson' Ratings News +

For the week ending February 5, 2012...

From Broadcasting and Cable ~

Syndication Ratings: 'Big Bang' Balloons to Top of Syndie Charts
'Dr. Phil' solidifies status as top talker

CTD's Dr. Phil secured its standing as the top talker, taking the number one slot for the 15th time this season, and inching up 3% to a 3.3, the show's second highest rating of the season.

Next in line was Sony's Dr. Oz, flat at a 2.9. Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly regained 4% for the week to a 2.7. NBCU's Maury faded 4% to a 2.5. Warner Bros.' Ellen dropped 8% to a 2.4. CTD's The Doctors improved 7% to a 1.6, tying CTD's Rachael Ray and NBCU's Jerry Springer, both of which held steady. NBCU's Steve Wilkos also was steady at a 1.4. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams rose 9% to a 1.2, while Sony's Nate Berkus dropped 9% to a 1.0.

Warner Bros.' rookie talker Anderson held firm at a 1.4. Debmar-Mercury's Jeremy Kyle and Entertainment Studios' We the People each were flat at a 0.7 and 0.5, respectively.

(Please click on link for full article. This week's ratings included the beginning of February Sweeps and the 'Anderson' Madonna interview.)

From TV By the Numbers ~

Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' Joins 'Judge Judy,' 'Wheel Of Fortune' On Top; 'Dr. Phil' Remains #1 Talk Show

(Please click on link for the week's Top 25 syndicated shows.)

We posted on Monday, that Anderson attended the DVF Fashion Show on Sunday, part of NYC's Fashion Week. Today we came across the following photo of Anderson with Diane von Furstenberg and Andy Cohen after the show ~

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Anonymous said...

First Nate's show has been canceled and goes off the air in May and Anderson still hasn't broken into the top 25.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Surprised Madonna didn't give him a bump in ratings. That can't be a good sign as much as they hyped it. The ratings seem pretty stagnant overall. Let's hope they take it as a sign that Terence isn't making things better and the talk show needs a complete overall to be a success.

Cute picture of Anderson with DVF and Andy Cohen....

Anonymous said...

If they let Terrence go does that mean no more Honey Boo Boo Child - one can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Anderson will never brake the top 25 because he has become totally annoying.
His constant need to be seen with his celeb friends is a real turn off and I know I'm not alone.
He's not a talk show host.
He was a journalist and he crossed the line.